New to Tablo Dual Lite - Need Help Plz

I just bought a Tablo Dual Lite at Best Buy for $99 :grinning:
I set it all up and connected a 128GB SSD and all went well.
I have accessed it on 3 different tv’s with no issues.
My problem is, I was watching an OTA channel on one tv, then went to another tv and tried to watch same channel, but when I selected it tv number one disconnected from the channel with an error message saying the channel was reassigned.
Can you not watch the same channel on 2 tv’s?
How many tv’s can you watch at the same time if they are all on different channels?

It sounds like you are using a memory stick and not a hard drive. The Tablo does not support memory sticks, so that may be part of the issue. Go to the setting page in a web browser and check to see if your hard drive is recognized and formatted.

You can watch one or two channels on up to 6 devices at the same time (if the Tablo is wired to your router, 3 devices if using just wi-fi). It doesn’t matter if the clients are wired or wi-fi.

And you can watch any recordings on up to 6 devices wired (3 on wi-fi).

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Thanks for responding.
I am using an SSD, not a memory stick or flash drive.
It was recognized and formatted properly by the Tablo.
It looks like it was a loss of connection momentarily that caused the issue.
I have tried watching the same channel on 2 tv’s again with no problem.
I will keep an eye on it, but for now it is working properly.
I am impressed :grinning:

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Good to hear that it is working. 128 gb is just pretty small for the Tablo. ( I have have 2 TB of my 4 TB drive in use).