New(to me) Tablo won't record

I just received a 2 tuner Tablo from ebay and managed to get it setup without too many issues (hard reset does wonders)

I’m trying to get it to do a manual recording (channel 7_1 at 11PM for 30 minutes) and that shows up in scheduled.
But no recording happens. I checked the web app and iPad app, looks the same.
How do I tell what it’s up to?
(no indication in live TV listing or scheduled, just a purple clock in the corner)
I haven’t subscribed, but I think I can do simple channel/time recordings, yes?

Oh sorry, forgot versions.

Tablo: 2.2.6
HTML Application:1.0.23-597

The purple clock is the symbol for a manual scheduled recording (orange is used for guide-based recordings).

The easiest way to tell if it is recording is to wait a couple minutes after it starts and then go to your recordings tab. It will show up there (you may have to wait for a sync to complete). Or you can wait till it is done.

Is it there this morning?

Nope, nothing at all in recordings.
And when I do a ‘record now’ from live TV, it doesn’t show at all, but I’m guessing it doesn’t go into scheduled since it’s a onetime thing.

Looks about right?

Ok, I managed to get it to record something.
Seems it’s just several hours out.
If I ask it to record at 5am, it’ll record at 11pm.

Any idea why it might want to do this?

Have had many scheduled shows skipped. Can’t figure it out. It’s as if Tablo doesn’t always recognize what time it is.

@skywise - Tablo’s initial time is set by your ISP so if that time isn’t correct we’ll need to log in and get the correct time set. The time on your device is also critical to showing the correct info, so please check on that. It can also be affected by VPNs.

Our support team would be happy to troubleshoot with you:

TLDR: My Tablo is all good now.

It seems I was having a couple of issues.
First, the time. I have no idea why the Tablo was confused about the time, I run my own stratum 1 NTP server so the time should have been ok. Also, live TV was accurate, showing the shows for the correct time. If I asked to record a currently running show, it’d schedule a recording for a totally different time. Sometime during the various bits of work I was doing to fix my drive issue, the time issue solved itself. (I also did a total reset of all settings at one point)

My other problem was spotty playback and attempted recording which would show a / through the play button. This eventually turned out to be my little 500GB laptop drive having several bad sectors. (thanks spinrite for helping me get to the bottom of this)
I replaced the drive and all seems to be fine now.

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