New to cord-cutting and just bought a Tablo

I’ve been eye-balling the Tablo for some time now, but the price drop sealed the deal. I began a blog some weeks ago when I cut the cord and my latest post discusses the Tablo I just bought. I’ll be posting again after I give it a few weeks. I’m sure I’ll have questions and you’ll see me around when I do. Here’s my post.

And blog homepage

Any thoughts are welcome.

@DianeK welcome to the tablo community! I read your blog post and I just thought I’d offer my 2 cents.

Padding the start and end times of the Tablo is a highly requested feature, but right now it automatically extends each recording by 5 minutes (provided a tuner is available). I have yet to have a program get cut off at the beginning or end and it looks like we receive the same stations (Buffalo).

You mentioned that the time is off on your aftv live grid guide. If you go to the aftv settings and change your time zone to eastern that will also fix the time in the tablo app.

Good luck!

If a live sporting event goes over the whole evening is messed up on that channel

@KyleR - thanks for the pennies.

I did not know that about the padding of time. That’s good.

I also got the time fixed. Sure enough the Fire TV was set to Pacific time and I’m in the Easern Daylight zone.

I wondered about sports that run over.

If I see a sporting event scheduled before the program I want to record, I always record the show following the program I want to record, just in case.


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I figured that is what I would try to do. Glad to hear it works!