New Tablo User-Problems

Old guy, not real techy. Bought the Tablo because it looked like a fail safe set-up.

Straight away, I can’t connect to my wi-fi. I could never get to the point where the Tablo wifi would show up in my settings. Now it’s just on fast blink. I’ve tried a reboot, a reset and now it’s just on fast blink.

I have a new router and my wifi signal is great.

Any suggestions, help, etc. is much appreciated.

What are you using to set up your Tablo: smartphone; tablet; computer; …?

The basic steps for setting up a Tablo to use your wireless network, and not be directly connected to your router via a network cable is:

  1. Make sure you don’t have a network cable connected to your Tablo, cuz it won’t broadcast it’s wireless SSID with a network cable connected to it.
  2. You need the Tablo app for your device, or a web browser (preferably Google Chrome).
  3. Perform a wireless network scan for your Tablo’s wireless SSID, which will look something like Tablo_XXXX, and connect to it.
  4. Start up your Tablo app, or use your web browser to connect to
  5. Follow the set up instructions the Tablo app, or web browser gives you.
  6. Boom, you’re done.

I think I got that correct from memory. :slight_smile:

This explains the blinking:

Which blinking type is yours doing?

Thanks. I initially tried on my iphone and the Tablo wireless signal never shows. I then tried on a Chromebook and still no luck. I unplugged again and now it is a slow flash. At my wit’s end and Tablo support via phone is only available when I’m at work.

Try setting it up without a hard drive connected.
You can always add a hard drive after the Tablo is set up.

Have you checked out this video?

It could be that you’re missing a step!

Appreciate all of the help and replies. Now sure how I did it, but it’s working now. Thanks again.