New Tablo setup advise request

I plan to use the Televes DiNova aerial located at various equivalent places on the back of my house facing the tower locations 7 miles S/SE in Atlanta. My wifi speed at all tvs is consistently above 150 mbps.
I have 2 options.

  1. run 75 feet of coax from the Televes to the Tablo Quad sitting next to my ATT 1 gig fiber router, connected with a short ethernet cable. Then out to my 3 tvs via wifi.
  2. Run 10 feet of coax from the Televes to the Tablo, then wifi out to the 3 tvs at 150+ mbps. This option is obviously the easiest install. With my good wifi speeds, does it make any difference?

Is 150 mbps all that much. If every thing is wifi and all 3 TV’s are in playback at highest recording quality and someone is also using a phone or tablet ??

I spent the extra money and located all my devices where I wanted and connected all my devices to the router by a switch into a powerline adapter. That reduced the demand on wifi capacity.

Wifi, more specifically networking doesn’t necessarily go device to device. It’s not wifi from tablo to TV, that’s that router/wifi access point to “work” all the traffic. You have wifi traffic from tablo to router. Wifi traffic from router to TV, using a network calculator… I’m not sure they both get the maximum bandwidth.

As noted, wifi speed varies, and may be shared by all devices using it. You’ll likely find many users here with advice similar to Zippy. I use ethernet cable for any network device with port. Switches are relatively inexpensive and powerline adapters eliminate the excuse of no having your house wired.

Then again, many use wifi with virtually no issues, but this depends upon your use and demands.

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