NEW - Tablo PREVIEW App Update (v. 1.7.5)

Hi everyone -

We also have an update on the way for Tablo PREVIEW, our app for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices.

Your app should update automatically over the coming day, but you can check the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store for the update if you’re antsy.

This update includes an on/off toggle for the 14-day Live TV grid feature introduced in the last update, so please try turning the feature off if you found the app slowed down significantly for you since the previous update.

Also, a reminder that Tablo PREVIEW is the app receiving most of our development and attention for these platforms, so if you’re currently using the ORIGINAL Tablo app on Amazon Fire TV or Android TV, please do give this version a try!

Tablo PREVIEW App Update - (v. 1.7.5)

  • Adds on/off toggle for 14-day Live TV Grid
  • Bug fixes & performance improvements

If you have any questions, let us know below or send a note to our support team.


Well, any chance you can release this for all Android devices? I use an Android tablet, that has better specs than any Android TV I know about… but I can’t install the preview app… it says not compatible with my device. So I am stuck with the normal Tablo app.

Sorry - that’s a totally different codebase.

Bug fixes & performance improvements?

One of the bugs introduced in 1.7.2 was; while playing (watching a program) you have to press the fire tv stick remote TWICE to pause, play etc. The first press just brings up the timeline bar. You have to press again to navigate. Same behaviour with the mini- guide. This bug was called out previously. Is this something that can/will be corrected in a future release?


Yep! That will be tweaked in the next update. We weren’t able to squeeze it into this one unfortunately.

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