New Tablo issues for me

Went to watch a recording from my local ABC affiliate over the weekend. It showed the recording was there but I only got the never ending spinning circle. I then found that I could not tune that station in Live TV mode either, again the never ending spinning circle. All other stations were tuning as normal, even the ABC sub-channels. So naturally, I opened a ticket with support.

They contacted me this morning and suggested that I try using the web app to see if I could tune the problematic channel with it (FYI, I normally use the original FireTV app). Low & behold, the channel tuned in normally using the web app but I had no audio on any channel or recording (and yes I tried turning off the surround sound feature). I then decided to try the FireTV Preview app and again the problem station tunes normally and with audio.

So to summarize: For some reason my local ABC affiliate station no longer tunes in using the original FireTV app (BTW, it is the only channel that is doing this). But it tunes in normally using the FireTV Preview app, and it tunes in using the web app but now I get no audio on any channel using the web app.

I’m not sure what to think, but sometimes Tablo can be really frustrating.

Are you positive the Surround Sound feature is disabled? I just checked on our end & and it looks like it’s enabled on your unit. This could explain both the issues on the PC and the original app on the Fire TV.

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Yes, I disabled it but then I turned it back on.

But I don’t see how this could be the problem with the original FireTV app since it is only an issue with one channel & just started while I have had the surround sound on since you guys released it.

The scenario you described in the original post is exactly what we’d expect to see if Surround Sound was enabled - but it wouldn’t be specific to only one channel.

It sounds like our team is trying to set up a remote session with you for some testing. Hopefully we’ll be a able to gain some insight shortly.