NEW - Tablo iOS App (4th Gen) update (v. 1.1.0)

Hi folks -

An update is available for the newest Tablo iOS mobile app for 4th generation Tablo devices.

This update has several bug fixes so make sure to update to the latest.

Here’s what you can expect:

Tablo iOS App (4th Gen) Update (v. 1.1.0)

  • Fix for seeking on Live TV
  • Fix to ensure recorded airing titles display correctly
  • Fix to allow controls to be dismissed during playback
  • Adds edit Wi-Fi option when Tablo is not found on the network
  • Many other bug fixes and performance improvements

As always, if you have any questions or encounter any problems, feel free to post them below or touch base directly with support.

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How do we receive this update.

If you have automatic updates enabled, it will be updated automatically.

If you don’t, you’ll need to visit the Apple App Store and process the update.


The new iOS app still not working. You can’t pause rewind or fast forward on live tv. See attached video.

Received new updated iOS. Caption was perfect ! I can use my own style caption font easy to read. Thank u!

I have one issue I have not report this early. 1 of channel station was saved but does not show up hmm tried uncheck and recheck channel see if would appear no luck how can I report this? I could take screenshot or video?

What odd my legacy Tablo have access to that channel station but guide list show is blank
I believe this station must be new for a while.

UPDATED:: I realized caption style only work on recorded not Live TV ugh…

AirPlay. AirPlay. AirPlay.
Need it to work!

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Airplay should be a number one priority for the developers

Air play is working for me iPhone and iPad will air play to my Apple TV. I am actually using the new tablo more because I can air play my shows and not have to watch it on a small screen. But I am definitely ready for Apple TV app.

Airplay work but it is only screen mirroring. Rather airplay take full size screen on tv.


Can you confirm if you have updated to the most recent version of the iOS app?