NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.20


Short but some times several times a night then not at all for awhile. It is usually when multiple recordings are also taking place. Once I figured it out, I just wait. I think it was probably an issue with the hard drive but I have not had the issue lately and it just occur to me that 2.2.20 may have fixed it.

An other issue is that some times after I have not watched for awhile, my selection does not load until I hit the back arrow and select the episode again. It is like the hard drive is sleeping and needs a wake up call. Not a problem because work good once I click out and back in.

I have only had the loading message a few times and backing out snd signing in seems to resolve it for me.

HD Elements with External power supply.


I kind of remember the thread about IE and Firefox not even connecting after 2.2.20. I don’t remember any tablo posting about any WEB app changes that corrected that. And if pre tablo version 2.2.20 IE and Firefox functionality meet your expectations then that’s all that should matter.


While Firefox is still officially still unsupported, we issued a patch to solve the connectivity problems that users were experiencing post 2.2.20. It should be back to where it was prior to that release now.


Does say FireFox, IE, and Edge are unsupported.

While it does suggest “PC & MAC computers running Chrome or Safari” it also says “Optimized for Chrome & Safari browsers”. There is a big difference between unsupported and optimized.

Maybe the “Optimized” phrase should be removed. And does tablo really test and support all versions of Chrome and Safari?


Hi folks -

If you have a Tablo DUAL LITE we are beginning a staged rollout of 2.2.20 firmware for you.

This includes some of the same fixes that have already been distributed to older Tablo DVR models, as well as a few tidbits especially for this model.

More importantly, this will also bring all Tablo DVRs onto the SAME firmware branch so we can start rolling out some new features to everyone in the coming months!

Release Notes for 2.2.20 ** DUAL LITE ONLY ** – Maintenance Release

• Fix for Auto-Delete function on Cloud DVR storage
• Brings Tablo DUAL LITE firmware version in line with other Tablo models
• Small bug fixes and performance improvements

NOTE: Post-upgrade database processes (if needed) may take several minutes to complete. During this time the LED will be blinking. Do not power down the Tablo until the LED is solid again.


If you have a Tablo DUAL LITE and you haven’t been prompted to update yet, you should have access to 2.2.20 by this evening!


Can anyone show a video of the speed enhancements for Live TV tuning?


Do you mean 2 videos: before speed enhancements; after speed enhancements?

The current Live TV tuning time is around 8 seconds per untuned channel, and around 1 second for tuned channels.


I found that tuning a non-tuned channels took about 17 or so seconds before. And now it’s probably down to 10 to 12 maybe less. It does make a huge difference, but not going to make people dance in the streets…


Thanks that’s what I was looking for. Still too slow for me :frowning:

I’m specifically wondering about tuning to a previously untuned channel after the speed enhancements.


6 seconds is the fastest I’ve experienced.