NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.20


Hrm… We’re not seeing this. What device are you using to access your Tablo when you’re seeing this?

Do you mean that some of the movies are seen in more than one category? If so, this could be possible.



I’m using Roku and iOS (iPhone and iPad). I know that movies can be in many categories like a tagging system. This is not a problem.

As you can see in the image in my last post, categories are duplicated. Some movies are tagged in the first " Animated " and are not in the second.

In version 2.2.18, I would see only one Animated category containing 9 movies.




Aha! (Sorry, needed more caffeine on Monday morning.)

Since Roku doesn’t have this option, it may be a syncing issue with your iOS device as I’m not seeing this on my side.

Can you try deleting & re-adding the Tablo app on your iOS device? This should remove those double categories.



I already tried to remove / install the Tablo App but I will do it again tonight, but it probably won’t work.

You are right, I experienced this issue with iOS only, not Roku. I prefer to use my phone or tablet to browse the upcoming movies, it is easier and faster.

PS: I asked for help here, but I filled a support ticket too.




I checked and I’m also seeing this using the web app in Chrome.
There are also tons of duplicated categories that are completely empty.


same here - duplicates, but with different #'s of shows indicated - just like the above post…
Mine is on a Windows 10 laptop, using Chrome.

Edit : and on my Nexus-7, remotely from work, using Chrome


I could be worse. When using the Chrome WEB browser in Recordings there could be an entry for a 5 minute failure with no reason. While the Roku app says poor reception. The Fire TV stick app has no reason. The Fire TV stick preview app has the same reason as the Roku. Of course it is nice enough to allow me to try to play it - resulting in a playback error.

Consistent app behavior is somewhat of an unknown.


Follow up: I tried removing / installing the app again on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and the issue is still there.


Hi folks - Those seeing the duplicated genres like @nmathon this is something we’re looking at. It is a server side issue but shouldn’t have any negative effects other than being slightly confusing when you’re using genres to browse.


It would be great if you can set the live tv quality settings on a device basis instead of the tablo itself. I may want my wireless roku stick at HD720 - 3Mbps because of the signal strength (or because its the device the kids watch and HD doesn’t matter to them as much), whereas I want my corded AppleTv set at HD1480 - 10Mbps because of the corded capability and/or because that’s the main watching tv.


It can’t happen that way. The Tablo is a server that is processing the incoming signals to turn into a file. There can only be one quality setting.


Bummer. It seems if the tablo can do different resolutions for recording versus live, then it should be able to send out two different live resolutions to different devices.


So, when a tuner is used, it’s recording… even if Live. So, if you have to do “tuner math” to figure out, for example, how many people can actually watch Live TV at the same time. Basic logic says if you have 2 tuners, the most you can have is 2. There are a lot of reasons why you can’t get 2 though depending on whether or not the Tablo needs to use a tuner for other processing.

But the point here is that for different people to watch Live TV at different “resolutions”, that would mean dedicated tuners (different file streams and not necessarily based on “viewer” but on “viewer” and/or “device”). Now I can’t tell you the answer to this… if on the Tablo today and two people (assume local net) are watching the same channel “Live TV” do they just get pointers off the same m3u until they diverge enough (e.g. somebody pausing for a really long time)?

The answer to that question would help to make an absolute determination about what can and cannot be done on the Tablo with today’s software.


I think it technically could, if it used two tuners for the same channel (or more tuners, depending on how many devices were viewing it). Although I think to better manage customer expectations, it might be necessary to make that an advanced option with an explanation that enabling it can possibly require 1 tuner per device watching that channel “live” (in other words, watching the live buffer although some may be several minutes behind).


I still don’t have 2.2.20. Are this version been release to Tablo Dual Lite yet? If not when? Thanks.




One problem that I have not seen since 2.2.20 upgrade or possibly Tablo channel on Roku upgrade to 2.5.1. Periodically both audio and video would stop for a few seconds and then resume. It has been awhile since that has happened to me. Roku Ultra.

If this was a fix, thank you.


Would you get a ‘loading please wait’ message on the screen during that time? Or was it super short?


Did I miss something?

I thought 2.2.20 introduced the condition where the WEB browser app would only connect using Chrome and Safari.

Yesterday I noticed that the WEB app had been updated 6/18/2018. So I tried to connect again using Firefox.

I seems everything is back to where it was before 2.2.20. I can even connect using my old Samsung tablet running gingerbread and Firefox version 41. And while it could never play the video I can still sit on patio, coffee in hand, and schedule and check up on things.


As you mentioned “it works” in Firefox with tons of bugs and limitations today. And yes, it was broken there for a bit.