New Tablo Device Release?


I was wondering, as we reach the 1 year anniversary of the release of the first device, whether Tablo has any plans to release the next generation device this spring?  I’m on the fence as I compare different OTA DVR’s and don’t want to invest nearly $300 on the 1st gen Tablo device if the next one is 2 months away.  Any insight is very much appreciated.



Hi Dan -

We will be releasing Tablo METRO which was announced at this year’s CES:

But that’s it for DVR hardware this year so you’ll be safe investing in a current-generation Tablo. 

Thanks for the reply.  I read the CES article and the only significant hardware update appears to be the built in fractional antenna.  Since I have an existing Antenna and amplifier does the new Tablo Metro work with an existing Antenna in case I wish to use what I have already?  If so, how does that work?

Also, are there any specific improvements in the hardware besides the built-in antenna that might help anything like wifi or airplay streaming to an Apple TV for instance?

Many Thanks!


No problem Dan :) 

Yes, Tablo METRO can use an external antenna as well. When you add an external antenna, the switching logic within Tablo METRO will find the source with the best signal and record/stream live from that. 

Aside from the antenna and switching logic, the rest of Tablo METRO’s ‘guts’ are exactly like the 2-Tuner Tablo. 

Is there an advantage to “Disconnect” the Tablo (from within Settings) after each use?

@Markoman, if you had two or more Tablos, then you would disconnect from one to connect to the other.  If you just have a single Tablo, you really have no use for the disconnect feature.

Using Chrome, if you needed to force a re-sync, you can disconnect, and then click on the red X to delete the Tablo.  Reconnecting to your Tablo will then do a re-sync of all your data.

Thanks, Mr. Snowcat! (My daughter’s in Nashville…tryin’ to make it happen musically)

Sweet.  It’s definitely a good city for that (though I have no musical talent at all).  

Since it finally snowed last week (though mostly it was ice), I updated my avatar with one of my actual cats in snow.  

He looks unimpressed. 

That seems to be the defacto ‘look’ for most cats though.

He looks unimpressed. 

That seems to be the defacto 'look' for most cats though.

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