NEW - Tablo Apple TV App Update (v. 1.7.3)

Happy Thursday Tablo fans -

A new update to Tablo’s Apple TV app is coming your way.

Prepare yourselves because it looks quite different now!

Some users found the secondary layer of menus added in a previous update difficult to use/discover. For this reason, we’ve switched the main menu to the left side and matched it with all other Tablo apps. This way you should have a similar experience across all devices.

We hope you like it!

Here’s what you can expect…

Tablo App for tvOS (v. 1.7.3)
• Reconfigures main menu to improve access to all screens and filters
• Adds support for swipe motions within main menu
• Adds ‘channel’ filter to guide screens




We’re pretty excited about how far the Apple TV app has come over the last few months. Today Tablo’s Apple TV app is almost caught up to Roku and Tablo Preview and we’ve got lots of good stuff in store for all three apps over the coming months.

If you have any questions or concerns about the menu change or anything else, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or comment below.


Thank you

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Much better, thanks!

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Much better!! Thank you!

I love the updated UI, but I wish it had been an optional change, as I’d just finally gotten my parents (both in their 70s) comfortable with the previous UI and had finished updating the detailed “cheat sheets” for them to use when I’m not available.

I’m going through allot of ink, paper and laminating sheets here! :wink:

Yes, I know, 1st world problems. :wink:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Oooh… Sorry!

Hopefully the new UI will be more self-explanatory for them and it won’t require you to hold post-dinner Ted Talk :slight_smile:

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Post your cheat sheets…I could use some for my parents when they come over!

Try getting them to use an Apple TV remote, mine have no idea what to do. My dad is like where are the numbers!!!


Plan to work on version 3.0 over the holiday (New Screen Captures), will be sure to post when complete. (May be after the Snowball Derby the following weekend)

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Can’t resist asking what a ‘Snowball Derby’ is.


Big annual (51st) short track race at 5 Flags Speedway in Pensacola Florida. Get drivers from all over the country, short track racers, ARCA, NASCAR. Drivers like Chase Elliot, Kyle Busch, Bubba Pollard. I’ll be there taking photos.

Ah, then the snow will be of the faux variety :smiley:

I was thinking it was maybe like the i500 snowmobile race but crossed with a demolition derby.

(Which, in some years it has been.)

I am having trouble since the update. My recorded shows are playing back but every 5-10 minutes, the Tablo disconnects from the AppleTV and can’t be reconnected for 30sec-1 minute. It is happening with recordings that are new and old.

I have reset my router
I have reset the Tablo
I have deleted the Tablo app on AppleTV and reinstalled.

Still happening.

Anyone else having problems? Any solutions?

That’s quite odd.

Can you send a ticket to our support team so we can take a look at your Tablo’s logs?

I find the new interface more cumbersome than previous.
It takes more steps to get to where I want to be.

I do like the menu stuff on the left like Roku but now after some experience/observation I realize selecting from multiple recordings for playback seems much trickier and more difficult when using ATV4 touch remote.

Almost 100% of the time my touchpad input jumps down to the:

Watch Mark Unwatched Protect Delete…

portion of the menu underneath the recordings.

And of course the next slide up jumps back to the top of the recordings page thereby missing the recordings line.

Do that a few times and folks in my household feel silly, stupid and start complaining about the interface…

I too like the new menu. The apple TV4K remote is not the greatest to use got a logitech harmony 650 one of the least expensive harmony makes works great with apple TV4K easy to program and can control my yamaha receiver and my other electronic.

Great update! Thanks you!

Thanks for the suggestion but can save $70 learning/pairing surplus cable multi-purpose button remotes to ATV4.

Much better selection with cursor buttons instead of touchpad. But the uninformed in my household naturally grab the ATV4 remote with resulting cuss words…

Simply providing feedback to Tablo folks to do with FB as they wish…

Her’s a Harmony 650 for under $26 you can find cheaper if it’s pre-owned!72117!US!-1:rk:3:pf:0