NEW - Tablo Apple TV App Update (v. 1.6.0)

Happy Tuesday Tablo fans -

As promised, a HUUUUUUUGE update to Tablo’s Apple TV app is on the way. If you don’t see it already, your Apple TV should update it over the next 24 hours.

The team has been working really hard to bring the features and screens you love on our popular Roku and Amazon Fire TV apps to Tablo’s tvOS app.

Here’s what you can expect:

Tablo App for tvOS (v. 1.6.0)
• Adds Guide Screen & Filters (All, Prime Time, Premiering, TV Shows, Movies, Sports)
• Adds Scheduled Screen & Filters (All, Coming Soon)
• Adds support for Surround Sound in Settings Screen
• Adds current time on Live TV screen

We hope you enjoy the new guide/scheduled screens in this update!

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or comment below.


Hi. I appreciate all the changes in the Apple TV app, but I have relied a lot on the Recent setting under the Recordings, and now it is gone. I hope you will plan to bring that back. It’s very handy. Thank you.

It’s still there. Each menu item has a submenu. You may need to hit ‘enter’ to see it though.

I see. Duh, how stupid. I’m not used to clicking there, and it never occurred to me to try that. And I actually thought I had done everything I could do to find it. Well, live and learn! Thank you so much.

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I just found the sub menus yesterday, not very intuitive. Is there any way to simplify the design. Maybe when you select guide, for example, you see the sub menu right below the primary menu without having to press select.

I agree. I’m glad the menu is there, but it would be more convenient if it existed below, rather than behind, the main menu.

I missed this, and didn’t think to hit select on the various top menu items.

Having found “Coming Soon”, I notice it is showing today’s recordings as “Today”, “Tomorrow”, and so on. It no longer shows Recent recordings from the past, something I found useful. The Recent recordings are still available, but now they are under the “Recordings” sub menu.

This update is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Thanks for finally opening the guide on the native AppleTV app.

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Yes, this is a great enhancement!

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What’s the chance we could get the interface on the third image (which appears to apply to scheduled programming) to apply to actually recorded video? I would love to be able to sort my recorded Goldbergs and Law and Order episodes by season.

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not a big issue, but I got kicked twice of the recording I was watching with this latest version.

My tablo is fine, it doesn’t reboot or anything and last time it happened I think it may have been caused by a new recording kicking in.

Has anyone else experience this?

Just to clarify…

You’re watching a completed recording? Or an in-progress recording?

And when you say ‘kicked’, did you get returned to the main Tablo screen?

And unless it’s an in-progress recording, tuners kicking in for new recordings shouldn’t affect playback.

Channel 602-1?!?!? How many channels do you get at HQ? :rofl:


no, it seems like the app crashes and I go back to my Apple TV main screen, Tablo is the first app there so I noticed the thumbnails from the preview screen are gone for a few seconds, then reappears.


You guys are eagle-eyed!

This is actually the result of some fancy back end codework to inject channels into my Tablo so I can see the guide for US stations even though our HQ antenna doesn’t get them.