New Tablo app for Apple TV - Cant find Tablo

so i installed the new tablo app on my apple tv, and it cant seem to find the tablo?

tablo works fine on my laptop (connected to the same wifi network as the apple tv), the tablo is plugged into the wifi router (ethernet)

any ideas?

oops… checked the tablo, there was a software update waiting.

You must not have been on 2.2.10 yet. That version is required for the AppleTV app.


as soon as i logged into the tablo, it came up with the upgrade message.

i guess i was so excited to finally get the app, i jumped the gun…

should have known better.

I downloaded the app and immediately started watching TV. The Apple TV is faster than the app/channel on my Roku box. However, after watching a while, the app displayed an error message stating it could not find a Tablo device. The picture disappeared, and the sound kept playing. The only fix is to restart the Apple TV. This error occurred again later; it happened three times in less than ten minutes. Each time, I had to restart the Apple TV.

Tablo Device: 2.2.10
Connected to router via ethernet
64 GB Version of Apple TV

There are no problems watching on other devices.