NEW - Tablo App for Amazon Fire TV Update (1.3.4)

I too am set to 720 with stutter.

Like others in this thread, getting a momentary stutter every couple of seconds w/the newest FireTV - particularly noticeable watching sports. I am disappointed to see others experiencing this problem, but am somewhat relieved as I thought I may be having an issue w/a brand new home theater receiver setup.

Any updates/fixes appreciated, TabloTV. For the record, I also have a previous gen FireTV connected to Tablo on a separate smart tv w/no issue.

I am seeing the stutter as well with the new FireTV. Like mentioned above, it is very noticeable watching football (happening once every few seconds). It have tried it set at 720 and 1080. I have a 2nd gen Fire Stick that works perfectly on all resolutions…

Something else that I noticed is that it seems the syncing enhancement that was made several weeks ago (saw it on LG TV) must not be applied to this new Amazon fire build or wasn’t it applied to Amazon fire at all? I saw the Syncing header above the menu and then I opened a recording to see missing episodes that didn’t appear until after the syncing menu header disappeared.

Just tried Tablo Preview on the new version and I can confirm it has the same studdering issue. I have it capture on video. Here’s a link:

Hi all,

Just wanted to chime in to let you know what we know so far:

  • We’ve confirmed this issue appears to be present not only on Tablo but on several other video streaming applications on the new Amazon 4K Fire TV.
  • We’ve managed to reproduce this internally on both live TV, recordings, and on multiple recording qualities on both the main Tablo app as well as the new Tablo Preview app.
  • Based on our research, we believe this may be due to an issue in the Fire TV’s firmware.
  • We intend to take a deep dive on this ASAP, and if we’re able to confirm the problem stems from Amazon’s firmware, we’ll notify them immediately.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have an ETA on a fix as our team is focused on completing other updates that will benefit the entire user base.

Can you provide names of a couple of those other streaming video services? The 2 that I checked (YouTube & Amazon Video) do not have this same issue.

Regarding an ETA, are you thinking days, weeks, or months to get a fix?


@JDW We’ve seen anecdotal reports of this same issue on PLEX and other apps that stream OTA TV. The file formats and styles YouTube and Amazon are sending are much different.

Unfortunately I don’t have a specific ETA to share since we haven’t fully wrapped our head around the problem.

I know it’s a bummer because you want to use your brand new device :frowning:

Definitely just the new 4K Fire TV device, I swapped it out for my old 2nd gen. fire stick and it’s working fine, no stutter.

That’s good to know. Hopefully a fix is found soon. I just love my Tablo Setup too much to switch to something else.

Any updates on the ETA for the fix?

We’ve got something in mind that MIGHT fix the issue but haven’t had a chance to test it out yet. Wish I had better news!

Stay tuned!

Trying to stay tuned but it keeps stuttering…

Thanks. I thought I was losing my mind but that youtube video is exactly what I see with a new firetv dongle. I’m brand new to tablo and was immediately discouraged by this. I thought it might be because I’m watching an older TV. I went to another room, and fired up tablo thru a roku stick and it was perfect. The wife is used to the firetv interface, doesn’t like the roku. Firetv is clearly more user friendly than the roku for tablo. This might be a deal breaker for the tablo here. Hope a solution is close.

Do you have any older Fire TV’s? The problem is only with the new Fire TV pendants.

unfortunately no. After 15 years, I just called Direct TV and told them to turn it off. Bought a tablo and couple new firetv boxes. I was surprised when the dongles [pendants] showed up. I was expecting the boxes. I had a couple old roku devices I still use for less used tv’s, garage, basement.

Funny, I’m waiting to tell Dish the same thing. I have 3 new amazon fire devices and 1 old version. I can’t switch until the studder if fixed.

You’re smarter than I am, or more controlled. I might’ve snapped a little. Now I’m developing a twitch. I keep thinking I’ll just adapt and not notice stutter. I need to evolve quicker

I believe you can find some 2nd Gen Fire TV’s on ebay, but it wouldn’t make much sense to spend the money on them if you can get by with the old Roku’s until the problem is resolved with the new Fire TV’s.

Any update? I’m getting close to taking this thing back because we watch a lot of tv on tablo. I really like the fire tv EXCEPT for this issue