New Tablo "An Unknown error occurred"

A few days ago I received my new 2 tuner Tablo from Newegg.  The only time I can get this to stream live TV on my Roku and PC is if I unplug and re-plug in the Tablo unit.  I can access all of the channel guides, however when I try to stream live TV on my Roku I get a “Failed to Stream video - An unknown error occurred”.  On my PC I receive a “Player Error - Unable to tune channel. This is usually caused by poor reception”.  I know this error is not due to poor reception because I can plug the antenna cable directly into my TV and see all of the OTA channels perfectly.

Below are details of my equipment:
  • Roku 3 (Have uninstalled Tabloapp and re-installed latest version, Also checked for updated and re-powered unit)
  • Wired network through TP Link N600 router
  • Roku Firmware 2.1.12
I’ve seen other people on the forum have had the same problem but I haven’t seen any resolutions yet.  Any suggestions on how to fix this other than returning the unit?

Having the same issue.  Started today.  Roku 3 hardwired to router.  Tablo (2 tuner) had been going strong since I got it about 2 weeks ago.  Recordings stream fine but live TV gives “failed to stream video” error.  Tablo is hardwired to router as well.  Does anyone know if the issue is on the Tablo side or Roku side? 

Ok so Live TV streams fine on my chromebook (not hardwired) so that leads me to believe this is a Roku problem?  Any suggestions Tablo gurus!

More info.  Not happening all the time.  Only way to resolve issue currently is to leave Tablo Roku App and re-open.

@clrprsntdngr I don’t see a ticket from you so far… Feel free to fill out the support form with the details and we can take a look at this.

bump, having the same issue, i suppose i will need to submit a support ticket??

@sporenza Yes please! Send over the details: which devices it’s happening on, your MAC address, etc - and we’ll get this squared away.

I apologize for not responding but it has seemed to clear itself up on its own! No longer experiencing these issues. Will file a ticket if it happens again.

@clrprsntdngr No worries! Glad to hear you’re up and running! Give me a shout if you need anything.

I know this isn’t acceptable but I have figured out a work around for our system, I will get the stream error about 5 times. I cycle down my channel list and after about the 5th attempt it will stream a channel. Once it streams one it will stream them all. Like I said this doesn’t make this acceptable but it at least isn’t impossible to stream.

@t9e9x That’s definitely not how it should be working. This stuff is very relative to each network - can you send me the details in a support ticket?

After troubleshooting with Tablo Support via e-mail we came to the conclusion that it was my hard drive causing the issue.  I tried a different hard drive and everything works fine now.