New Tablo 4th Gen Thoughts and User Questions on how to watch Recorded Programs and Live TV on the GO

Hi and a Happy New Year to everyone

I just recently bought a Tablo 4th Gen DVR to use with my Roku Ultra for the Holidays and so far I like the product very much. Previously I had a Air TV Everywhere which worked with the Sling app and it sucked the quality of the recordings was poor and for some reason even with two indoor antennas in my house the signal quality (I live in NYC) for WABC and WPIX was very poor even though I live about 10 miles or so from one of the towers . With the Tablo 4th Gen WABC and WPIX come in much clearer and I even get WNET(PBS) and WLIW(PBS) which I could not get with Air TV but only one station I still can’t get is WLNY. Anyways this my main question I am often outside of the house for work and I want to watch my recordings on the go I know the 4th Gen Tablo can’t do TV Everywhere but I heard through some VPN it may work with your home network again maybe I am not phrasing it correctly. The reason I ask is I work as a freelance news videographer or “stringer” for the local TV stations here and I often record the local newscasts to see if my footage was picked up by the stations and then I screen record for proof of air and invoicing I also post on Social Media my footage when its aired. It would be great if I could take my recordings on my TABLO on the go.

4th gen doesn’t support out of home viewing

Currently, unlke the legacy network devices, the gen 4 doesn’t support remote connect. But they have said they consider it an important feature. And I think that feature will be delivered. But when is unknown.

Hi I know it may be late but my question is could it work with a VPN?

Most likely. Get it and try it within return window