New station in Austin, TX

@TabloSupport I noticed today, May 28, 2015 that Austin, TX has a new station at 36-2 which is COZITV. I was thinking it would be 54-2 but the powers that be at KXAN put it on 36-2 (same ownership). Since this just appeared tonight, I’m not expecting any guide information for a couple of weeks, but a surprise would be nice considering how long it took for the others. I’ll let you know when 7-3 goes live, which should be June 1 since that’s when the network is launching.

@TabloTV Today, May 30, 2015 another new station in Austin, TX went live. It is 7.3 and is BUZZR. So to sum it up for you to mention to your guide provider: 36.2 COZITV and 7.3 BUZZR are new stations and no schedules display for them yet.

@beastman - Make sure you place a ticket on this so we can track the issue!

How do i open a ticket? I called and left a voice messages.

You can email or you can use the form on the Knowledge Base:

I called back and got them

Titantv has the schedule already for BUZzR which is 7.3. The station just launched today. I tried updating the schedule but nothing yet.

Both new stations have guide data if watching directly on the TV.

@TabloTV how long should it take to add the stations?

Regular timing is 7-10 days after the ticket is placed. Keep us posted!

email with screen captures requested sent. Hope this helps find the problem. Once the schedule is available, I normally won’t be using manual recordings, but at least it is an option for now. It is basically running four 30 min programs together into a two hour block, since that is how COZITV shows them and I want them all.

David says it is weird. I’ve tried manual recording a different channel same weird results. Putting Tablo in remote mode so David can test next week. A case of no support except while people are working. Hope this changes.

GREAT NEWS! Both BUZZR and COZITV have guide data as of around 9:00 PM tonight. And the data appears to be correct! Faster than 14-1 KBVO and the problems we had. Please pass on a thank you to your guide provider. Today is only June 5. 10 days have not passed!

@TabloTV See - I can say some good things too :-). Still no idea about the weird pictures I emailed, but hopefully you’ll figure them out next week. Now I can use the EPG to record the shows instead of the manual recordings, though I might leave it as I watch it when I get home and then delete it, so since it will only be one delete instead of four, and no time added.

Since putting the Tablo in remote mode (and since the two channels have guide data), the manual recordings I have made are correct.

Channel 16-1 is the only channel on my Tablo that does NOT have guide data.