New Sherlock episode this Sunday

Sherlock returns with the first episode of season 4 on PBS Sunday 1/1/17 at 8pm central. Be sure to set your Tablo to record it if you’re a fan of the show.

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Where are you located @Reggie? I’m assuming you must be in Canada. I don’t think we’ll get this in the US.

I take that back. It looks like it is on locally for me! Sweet!

Sometimes I have to look under PBS Mystery for shows like this.

In Canada it is under Sherlock

Same in the US. The older seasons are under Masterpiece Mystery.

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My daughter got me hooked on Sherlock and Cumberbatch before he was really famous. I can’t wait for this new season.


Snowcat, that’s exactly how I got hooked. It is a great show.

Sherlock ends too quickly. Fans wait forever for just 3 episodes.

This season was ok, but I felt like it really tried to mess up your mind too much. This last episode seemed more like Saw than Sherlock.

It’s true, mate! Only three episodes does make one brassed off, but I do still love the Brit shows (I am biased though). The Brits film episodes until they run out of story. The Yanks film episodes until they run out of audience.

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