NEW RULE (yada yada to complete required 15 characters)

New Rule (with a nod to Bill Maher):

Posters must stop using abbreviations/acronyms exclusively without making at least ONE unabbreviated reference to WTF they’re referring to. To the uninitiated non-nerd, UPS is the way we mail parcels. Look it up on Google. It makes no reference to:

I’ve been corrected. UNINTERRUPTABLE POWER SUPPLY. Outcome the same.

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That’s because it’s actually Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Picky picky. Still not referenced.

And I was thinking, what does he have against Fedex?

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Broke your own rule. :wink:

LOL (there, I did it again). I think that’s pretty universally understood. Also circumvents language issues.

LMAO OMGWTFBBQ this thread is funny :slight_smile:

I did, you’re wrong. It’s the 2nd item under the shipping company

Potato…potato, tomato…tomato…:tomato:

shit post

Did you mean “ship postal?”

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OK. But only if you add “acronym”


“Noxious Weed Trust Fund”?

FISHDO. Uh huh!

Gerald, can you get back to what you are really good at discussing - which is how you’re not having any Tablo problems whatsoever and that your antenna setup is just terrific? :clap:

Yeah, but a few notches above trolling 24/7 looking for the earliest opportunity to grace us with your unique brand of bullshit.:sunglasses: