New router and network, can no longer connect

I had to replace my router and set up a new network. Everything works fine except the Tablo will not connect to the new network. I have a wifi connection. I can see the Tablo network on my other devices but not on my Tablo ap. Also the blue light on the router is blinking slowly. I have disconnected from the Tablo ap, rebooted the Tablo, and uninstalled the Tablo ap then reinstalled. None of these work. Any thoughts?

It’s one of the weaknesses of using the Tablo in wi-fi mode. I don’t know of quick way to do (factory reset will work, but you don’t want to do that since you lose everything).

Just submit a trouble ticket, and the Tablo folks can fix you up.

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@dmgray55 Just go through the Wi-Fi setup process on the new network :smile:
Walkthroughs available here.

Just to confirm, if your Tablo is connected via WiFi to a router, and then you replace the router (I am assuming the OP has a new Wireless Network name (SSID) for the new router), then when the Tablo cannot connect to the old router since it’s off/dead, the Tablo will broadcast it’s own WiFi with a name “Tablo_XXXX” like when you first bought it?

Essentially, the exact same setup process as the initial setup process for WiFi?

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The Tablo can not connect to the new router. When I bring up the Tablo ap it does not see the Tablo SSID even though every other device does.

It is not the Tablo app that sees the WiFi network broadcasted by the Tablo.

You have to go to the WiFi settings on the device. Just like you are going to connect to a brand new wireless network, say when you go to someone’s house for the first time or go to Starbucks.

It is the device Settings that you need to go through. You cannot be connected to your router’s WiFi network when you want to connect to the Tablo wirelessly for the first time.

Hope that makes sense.

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@theuser86 Correct! It will go back into Wi-Fi setup mode if it can’t get an IP.

@dmgray55 @theuser86 is correct in his note above. You’re not looking for the Tablo’s wireless network in the Tablo app. You want to find it in your device’s Settings menu, switch back to the Tablo app and then connect to your home network.

Just follow the walkthrough linked above, it goes through this step-by-step :smile:

I’m almost there. I can now connect on my tablet and PC but not on my Rokus. Do I need to uninstall and reinstall the Tablo channels?

Your tablet and PC connects and syncs to the Tablo? You’re able to watch live TV and recordings on these 2 devices?

Yes, I am able to watch live TV and recordings on the tablet and PC but not the Rokus. It says they can not find a Tablo on the network.

Are you using the new Tablo Preview channel or the old Tablo channel on the Roku?

Are you using any VPN settings on your router by chance?

I am using the new Tablo Preview Channel. I don’t know what VPN settings are.

Can you also please try the old original Tablo channel as well? This is the one you install from the Roku Channel Store. The Preview channel is a private channel.

Almost there!!! I can connect with the old Tablo channel on Roku but not the new Tablo Preview channel. How do I get the new one to connect?

  1. What is the make and model of the router?
  2. To confirm, the Tablo is connected via WiFi to the router? If it’s a dual band router, which band did you connect it to? The 2.4 GHz band or 5 GHz band?

It is a Belkin. I believe it is the N150. I’ll have to verify the model when I get home this evening.

The N150 will only have one wireless band, so that is the 2.4 GHz band.

It’s just weird that the Old channel connects and the New Preview channel does not. This has happened to individuals when using the New Preview channel who are using VPN or alternate DNS settings on their router. VPN is a way of encrypting your usage, or changing your location. DNS settings are different way of routing your Internet traffic.

You did not make any funky changes to the WAN Settings on your router? Maybe post here a screenshot of your WAN Settings?

For some reson I can not paste into this window. I was mistaken though it is an N300

You save a screenshot and then attach the image file to share it with us.