New Roku Software is coming out

I hope this makes live viewing better with the Tablo.

It appears that this is a Roku TV feature using the TV’s embedded tuner rather than the Tablo. The TV Roku app would have access to the TV’s tuner since both are a part of the TV itself.

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They do feature that in the article but it does sound like that update will apply to all rokus so I hope there is some stability fixes in there for some of us who have issues with live TV bombing us back to the guide.

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I hear you, mate. I am so tired of that Roku bug, it always happens at a suspenseful place in the show.

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I have now encountered a bug with the NBA app on a Roku 3 Model 4200 where every time you try to playback a video, the app closes and returns you to the Roku home screen.

Sounds like Roku needs to step up its game.

This is why i don’t use roku anymore. Switched to Fire TV and never have problems like this