New Roku Beta Firmware Update: Ver. 7.1 b2012

There is a new Roku beta firmware update (Ver. 7.1 b2012). Don’t know if and what impact it will have on Tablo users but the Roku Notes state:

We would like your feedback on these particular areas of interest:

-Streaming performance in general (Do you experience frequent rebuffering? Difficulty maintaining high quality HD? Starting/stopping/fast forwarding/rewinding issues? Crashing?)
-Audio problem, especially with Dolby Digital content
-HDMI problems such as the dreaded HDCP error screen
-Freezing waking the Roku player out of screensaver
-Wireless network related problems (random disconnection, poor quality streaming due to weak wireless signal)
-Visual problems such as pixelated video or colored blocking
-User interface problems

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Thanks for the info I will check for an update … I sometimes get that HDCP error and its really annoying.

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