New Recordings not showing

for some reason new recordings are not showing up, i removed the Hard Drive and put on my computer and i see they recorded but none of these shows in the recording section on my ipad app iphone app or web access or my plex

Hi @Lemus - Others are seeing this as well which is why we’ll be looking at this issue closely today. The engineering team will be looking at the information you’ve already shared here but if you can please let us know the following things about the recordings that would be awesome:

  • What show you scheduled (Title, Air Date, Air Time & Channel)
  • Where you’ve set the schedule (from Live TV screen or from the TV, movies or sports screen)
  • What device you set it on
  • Whether you can see/watch the recording from some or none of the devices you have for viewing

If you’re willing, send a note to again with the title ‘Missing Recordings Issue - Details Inside’ with your MAC address and we can examine your database to see if there is evidence of why this is occurring.

I am also having an issue with my recordings not showing up. I found that if I do a quick Tablo re-boot they sometimes re-appear.

@TabloTV I have most times setting recordings from my computer in chrome browser, and some times from IPad app,

I left town so i removed all the news stuff i was recording 7 days a week to save room, Today Show, 4:30am News from NBC and CBS, Evening News NBC and CBS, (wish there was a way to keep last 5) so when i returned from a 3 week trip i fist saw there was a update to the tablo so i did that then tried to add these back in and i used my computer chrome browser and i do most of my scheduling from “TV Shows” section with sorting by channels, i have programmed from “live TV” screen in the past before no problem I did this on monday morning but so far nothing has shown up in my web browser recording section or on my IPhone app or my Plex on my Kodi box, My IPad is on loan to my daughter and my Roku is loaned out, i have tried to reboot many times, i have tried deleting the schedule and redoing it and for some reason this morning(friday) the TODAY show recorded and showed up, but yesterday afternoon i removed the hard drive and placed it on my Ubuntu computer and was able to find the files to these shows today show and morning news and nightly news i found on the drive but not showing up in recording section on my compute or TV.

My nightly news shows up BUT it was originally scheduled shortly after I got my Tablo. I’ll schedule something over the weekend - one each using 3 options I have plus web.

@TabloTV I Deleted My Schedule with Chrome for Nightly News for NBC and ABC then rescheduled them through “Live TV” screen in the browser and it seamed to work now those recordings the nightly news are showing up every where i will have to fix the others Sunday night when they show up in the guide in “Live TV” screen. but i think you have a problem with newest update.