New Recordings not listed

Got my new Tablo about a month ago and just loving it. I scheduled tons of shows and watched them via Chrome on a computer using my TV as a monitor. About two weeks in, I decided to try an Amazon FireTV stick. Required some fiddling with my router settings, but could never get the Fire Stick to see, let alone my Tablo, so I put the router settings back where they were and went back to my normal viewing mode. About a week later I realized that none of the programs I had scheduled after trying the Fire Stick were showing up in the Recordings. As a test, I manually recorded a single show, and it showed in the Scheduled Recordings with no conflicts, but when the show was over, it was not listed in the Recordings. This is true of everything I have scheduled since Fire Stick dilemma. I don’t know if shows are being recorded and just not listed, or are not there at all. What to do?

What firmware are you running on your Tablo?

Don’t know the specific version because I’m not in front of my Tablo at the moment, but it’s the latest that was available about three weeks ago. I’ll confirm the version tonight when I get home. :slight_smile:

I’m on 2.2.8.

Sorry, but you probably need to call support


It sounds like the Tablo Fire TV app wasn’t scheduling recordings correctly. It’s possible the Fire TV’s time zone was off - this would set the recordings up at incorrect times. Check your Fire TV’s time zone and correct it if necessary.

The Fire TV stick is back at the store. I gave up on it. I’m back to using my original interface – Chrome on a PC. I even tried a different PC using Chrome. I can see recordings made two weeks ago but nothing after that. I think I will try a call to support.

My wife ran into this issue last night on her table. To fix it, I went into the app on her tablet in the system settings and from the application’s storage section… I cleared all data and cache from it, basically resetting the application. I then launched the app and after a sync, the schedule show finally showed up immediately.