New Recordings appear at bootom of the list

For some of my reoccuring recodings, the shows have a white number to the left of the show’s title and they appear at the bottom of the list of shows even though they are newer chronologically. How can this be corrected?

Are you talking about the episode number?

If so then you may need to define chronologically. The list appears to be in ascending order based on the episode number within a shows season and not the date that it was recorded.

Not all shows such as sports have seasons and/or episodes. Thus they don’t have numbers.

Maybe it is the episode number. If so the episode number is inconsistent in showing up. There should not be an episode number because each show is just a weekly sermon.

Why do the shows with episode numbers appear at the end of the list with all the non-numbered shows on top?

I have 272 shows to scroll through each time I want to watch a new show with an episode number.

Select Recordings…then Recent instead of All…