New purchase first timer

I am no tech, here is my question. I have a new T-4 and one Smart tv for OTA Streaming. I also have two older TVs with HDMI. It is my understanding that if I want to use the older ones I can only use them with Tablo wifi connected to a device like Roku 3 but not for OTA because they cannot be converted for that. So I would need to purchase additional smart TVs for OTA but I can use for WIFI devices that are for streaming content.

All you will need are Rokus. They will make you tv smart.

Tablo has the ability to stream the over the air. But if you do that I would strongly suggest a 4 tuner tablo as a minimum.

Or If you can run you antenna feed to each of these TVS purchase an HDMI tuner for the Antenna signal.

As mentioned, your Tablo can stream shows via WiFi to devices that have a Tablo app, such as Roku, mobile phone, etc. or a browser. So if your old TV’s each have a Roku, then they can view live and recorded shows via Tablo. If however, you’re saying you just want to watch live OTA shows, then you could also connect the old TV’s to an antenna (like we did way back when) and get your OTA local channels that way.

I have Rokus on all three of my TVs, and I use the whole-home capability of my Tablo all the time. I can pause a recording on one Roku, move to another TV, and it will pick up where I left off. Just like my old DirecTV tuners allowed me to do (for a monthly fee, of course).

If you get tuners for your old TVs, you will miss out on the Guide and the DVR offered by the Tablo. The Tablo/Roku setup is quite slick. We also have an AppleTV in our house that integrates perfectly with the Tablo. And of course our phones and laptops can also view the Tablo.

Note: I strongly recommend you hard-wire your Tablo and your Rokus if possible to minimize buffering.