New problem with NVIDIA Shield and Tablo Preview: guide not auto-updating

After the previous problems that I had, the Tablo Preview app disconnecting when playing live TV, I went back to the Roku. Then I got curious about doing a little more troubleshooting, and got the Shields out again. After re-installing the Preview app and rebooting the Tablo, they worked fine again until a couple of days ago.

Now the Tablo Preview app is not updating the Guide contents automatically. When I open the app, I have to manually update the Guide. This is a no-go with my wife, so I’m back on the Roku again. Note that the mainstream Tablo app does update the Guide automatically, but doesn’t have the “quick channel change” feature. Bummer.

Anyone want a couple of used NVIDIA Shields -:)?

You could try clearing the data for the preview app. That fixes a lot of weirdness like the upcoming schedule just spinning. This does not affect any Tablo settings, just clears out all the app information so it can be freshly populated.

I second this. I’ve noticed in the Preview app that the Recent (Recordings) and Upcoming (Scheduled) filters sometimes stop populating and a clearing of the app data always resolves it.

Finally tried this, flushing data and cache for Tablo Preview app. Worked once (of course) yesterday. Then when I got up this morning, not updated again. Back on Roku. Didn’t bother to clear the app storage again, since I know that my wife isn’t interested in doing that :-).

Updates the guide on the Roku every time. So it goes.