New player needed

Went to go buy a nexus player but they don’t seem to be in stock anywhere??? Any ideas?

I went to get a new streaming player because my latest model roku 3 is getting a bunch of purple HDCP handshake death screens where there’s no picture but the sound works fine. It’s only an issue when trying to play content, the roku interface shows up fine.

Was thinking of trying the nexus player or one of those minix android TV devices.


I know this may be a dumb question but have you tried a different HDMI cable?

Yea tried that first. Also noticed that the roku is very hot, even when its been asleep for a while. Very hot as in as hot as the tablo…I don’t remember my old roku being that hot.

I have 3 Roku 3’s and they all run very cool. I’ve never had a hot one. Your probably right it’s time to get a new one.

Here’s one for $75:

Don’t get one of those generic Minix “Android TV” boxes, they are really just stock Android running on a box. It isn’t optimized for the big screen as well as the legitimate Android TV, and doesn’t carry nearly as much manufacturer or developer support.

When you buy an Android TV device, you really have a few choices:
-Nexus Player (hard to find, but a good value)
-Shield TV (more expensive, but amazing device)
-Sony, Sharp, TCL, or any other TV OEM that uses Android TV as the Smart TV OS.

There’s a lot of good reviews on the Minix boxes - other than your comments here about the big screen and manuf support…are they no good?

Thanks for the link…75 is a good price it seems for the NP.

I would stay away from Minix or anything not on the list of Android TV OEMs I provided. It’s not official Android TV so your apps won’t be optimized for the big screen like they are on legitimate Android TV. Besides, Tablo doesn’t support the knock-off Android TV boxes as compatible devices. If it doesn’t work well, you are on your own.

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Thanks for the feedback.

The reason I wasn’t thrilled with the NP is because it doesn’t have an ethernet port, and although my roku worked ok wireless we know that not all devices have the same reception quality in the same locations…so when I got the roku I knew I could hard wire it if I needed to.

In terms of support - I hear ya. But are you saying that if I put the Android Tablo App on a minix player, Tablo wouldn’t support it because it wasn’t one of thier supported devices? How do they manage that with all the variations of Android phones?

I was looking at Minix because it’s probably the highest rated of those type of android tv boxes…and it’s about 1/2 the cost of a Nvidia Shield…and still has a network port for hardwired if necessary.

You can buy a USB ethernet adapter for the NP for about $10. I bought one and it worked fine.

Oh - well I just got done talking with Roku - they are going to replace mine. I’ll try that first.

I might still buy a minix since I like to tinker…

If you are able to locate an NP within a reasonable proximity to your router - no problem. My wireless NP connection has been flawless.

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Something very weird going on with Nexus Player. They have just vanished from the retail shelves. No response from the usual suppliers including Asus, the manufacturer. For me Ebay has always been a crap shoot and a means of last resort. I would never make a major purchase with them. I paid $50 for my NP at Best Buy. Apparently that bonanza is gone for good.