New network. Tablo is now useless

Tablo won’t connect with any method after I started a new wifi network. Tablo website says you can leave a message if everything or weekend but after a very long message that extensively delineates every possible option over an extended period during which I almost fell asleep, it went silent with no option to leave said message.

Tablo is no longer looking like a viable option.

What is your new WiFi network? Is it a new WiFi router? If yes, what is the make and model of it?

Try hard wiring your Tablo to the new router (connect it via an Ethernet cable).

I don’t think anyone knows what you have already tried or what app you are trying to use to reconfigure or even if the tablo unit is rebroadcasting it’s direct connect SSID, etc…

Give us all the data and the people here will solve your problem. :grinning:


If you haven’t given the Tablo the details about your new WiFi network that is likely the problem. There are instructions here:

If you need a hand give us a ring. We’re back in the office now: