New network products

Anyone else using either of the two “new” mesh networking products, Luma or Eero? I’ve had Luma and now Eero and without sharing my experiences that might start an off-topic rant, I’d like to hear other’s experiences with these two new networking solutions.

So you don’t like the mesh network products?

Both yes and no. I am getting better Tablo response the better my network improves, but one of the two companies left a better experience than the other. Much flaming has been going on in their forums and I wanted to know if any other Tablo users were investigating or have implemented either of these two products.

I am about to take the jump into a mesh network myself, but will not be using either of the two mentioned. I looked at them, but for the price it was just a little too far out of reach for me.

I had been looking at Ubiquiti for a while and then saw that they were getting ready to release a home mesh network system (Amplifi) to work out of the box. This is great since before I was considering their business class hardware that needs a controller to run the network and is a little complicated for the casual user. Either way, about 3 months after my preorder I just got the email today that they are getting ready to ship. If they are able to get anywhere close to what they can do on their business side, this should be a pretty good option.

I will be able to share my thoughts after I receive mine later this month.