New Mac (OSX = Sierra) Looking for help downloading Tablo recordings

I’ve used Tablo Export and also the line command using ffmpeg (like ffmpeg -i “” -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc -crf 25 xxx.mp4) on my old computer

I can’t seem to get this going on my new iMac. Tablo Exporter immediately says 100% (but says status is exporting. Not sure if it’s actually doing anything though).

I can’t seem to get ffmpeg put in the right place to execute the line command version above

Can someone (at the very least) give me basic instruction to install ffmpeg in the right place with the right permissions based on the fact it’s a brand new system and no usr/bin directories exist? For some reason I must be missing something.

If you run Tablo Exporter via command line you can get debug info…

Did you download the static version of ffmpeg? Or did you download the source? That is usually where people make the mistake.

Download the static versions from

When you go to the download page for ffmpeg and mouse over the Apple icon, you will find that link:

I have the ffmpeg-3.2.tar.bz2 file

I’m really asking for next steps. I have ffmpeg - I need to put it somewhere, right? Are you able to help me with a step-by-step process so that I could use command lines like I posted originally to convert files? THANK YOU!

You downloaded the source NOT the static file, Unless you plan on building the executable yourself you need to download the static file as I described.

Then you extract it, point Tablo Export to the ffmpeg executable file.

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Thanks. That worked. Althought I can’t do ffmpeg command line - but that’s ok - Tablo Exporter is working correctly now. Thanks!!

You wouldn’t be able to do command line ffmpeg because of how Tablo is structured. It’s just not quite that simple, but glad you got it going :wink: