New Laptop took less than a minute to sync on Chrome

Just thought I would post this. Wanted to try this on the new laptop

A Dell 7510 500gb ssd, 16gb Ram

i7-68200HQ CPU @ 2,70GHz

64bit Windows Pro

That amazed me!!!

And it was Chrome 50 btw

Agreed, I just experienced similar loading times on my new laptop. Much faster than I remember in the past.

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I think it also depends on how many recorded shows you have on the device, the number of channels you have set up in your channel guide and etc… people with more content will take much longer than those with few recordings and few channels in their guides.

Well I never saw it this fast… :wink:

I get varying performance with Chrome on a PC and have determined that it’s my computer. Audio sync issues are non-existent when it’s running fast but are abundant when it’s bogged down. Same with syncing the guide and menu speed etc. I’ve also tested the difference with the Android app on my old Moto Razr vs. my current Galaxy S5 and it’s ridiculous. I’ll watch the Razr take literally 10 minutes to bring up the list of recorded programs and start playing a selection while the S5 takes around 45 seconds to do the same. Newer hardware makes a big difference.

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