New ISP - Can't connect

Just an hour ago we had our new ISP provider, Verizon FIOS, got connected. Now the TV can’t connect to Tablo. “No Tablo was found on your network”. Now what?

  1. What is the make and model of the modem they gave you?
  2. Are you using a separate router? Or is it just the modem from Verizon?
  3. How is your Tablo connected? Hard wired? Or WiFi?

We bought a Verizon FIOS Quantum Gateway AC1750 on our on. It is a router/modem combo. Hard wired to Tablo.

on our own.

So you have no other switches on line or anything? It’s a direct Ethernet cable run between the Tablo and modem/router combo?

Yes. [Don’t know much about switches.]

My wife also posted the same problem on the board…

It must be connected! I can watch TV on my browser!

Reboot your modem/router, wait 2 minutes. Then reboot your Tablo (you can power cycle is by tapping the little blue button on the back of the Tablo), wait 2 minutes. Reboot your playback device (say the Roku).

Okay, I just followed your instructions to the letter - still getting the same “No Tablo was found on your network” message on both Roku’s, but the search is extremely fast instead of extremely slow.
3050X Roku 2 XD v 6.2 build 6003 in our main room &
4210X Roku 2 v6.2 build 3672 in kitchen.
I’m using a Roku 2 because the TV in our living room is an old 65” rear projection type TV by Mitsubishi. It only accepts RCA connectors.

Can you try finding the Tablo on a smartphone or tablet? iOS or Android will work.

Got it!

It’s syncing…

It’s taking too long to sync I think. Been about 5 minutes.

It’s done.

And it works? You can watch Live TV or Recordings on the smartphone or tablet?

As well on the Rokus are you using the legacy Tablo channel (found in the channel store) or the new Tablo Preview channel (private channel)?

Can watch recordings on iOS but not Live TV. Have both Roku channels. They are what we’re trying to watch.

You mean that the Roku Preview channel is on iOS?

You have tried both Roku channels? Not just the Preview channel?

Yes. On our living room & kitchen. I gave you the model & build #'s above.