NEW - iPhone App Update (v. 1.0.27)

Good afternoon Tablo fans -

The app update recently pushed to Android and the web app is now making its way to your iPhone. This is version: 1.0.27.

You’ll see the following changes:

• Adds manual remote port configuration to settings screen
• Adds MAC address to settings screen
• Fix for issue where show thumbnails remained after all episodes deleted
• Fix for sorting order of subchannels
• Speed & UI optimizations
• Other stability and performance improvements

If you have any feedback, please let us know below!

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Will there be an update to the iPad app or are these features already there?

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Also interested in this.

Our iOS team is a bit busy with the Apple TV app, but when that’s done they’ll have more time to devote to updating the iPad app.

I signed up for Beta firmware testing a couple days ago (haven’t heard anything yet). And, I also have ATV4, so I’m ready for both when you are?:wink:

Hey pal, Apple TV Beta line starts way back there! :point_right:

Hey PAL… this line’s for you !:fu:

What do these 2 things mean for practical purposes?

• Adds manual remote port configuration to settings screen
• Adds MAC address to settings screen

Guess I should have included a smiley, no offense man, I was kidding. The Apple TV Beta is highly anticipated on this forum.

Ok. I’m good with that!

Manual remote port configuration allows you to choose the public IP ports Tablo uses for remote connections.
Let’s say your ISP is blocking the default Tablo remote connection ports for whatever reason.
You can choose different ones.

The MAC address in the settings screen just displays your Tablo’s currently used network unique identification (MAC address).
There are 2 network adapters in the Tablo: wired; and wireless.
Both have a unique MAC address.

Tablo Support typically asks for your Tablo’s MAC address when you open a support case with them.
You can view it in the settings screen now, instead of looking at the bottom of your Tablo unit.

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Have a show scheduled to record all episodes. Thumbnail shows the clock overlay. There are 69 episodes listed.
I deleted that schedule and all episodes no longer show as recording but the thumbnail has a 2 on the overlay. It should have removed the thumbnail from Scheduled.

I find the iPhone app very buggy when trying to fwd through commecials. It does not skip ahead well at all and abput 30% of the time jumps back to the beginning of the recording. It also has huge lag or crashes often when fwding

@FarNorth - Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the iPhone app. What version of iPhone are you using? What iOS is it running and what Tablo firmware are you using?

I am using an iPhone 6 iOS 9.3.2 and running 2.2.8 on a 4 tuner Tablo.

I should add that this happens both on and off network and with strong signal.