New install - no drive connected error

New user, new install but tech savvy. I get the no drive connected cannot record error on all three drives I’ve tried. I’ve used two external USB drives and a thumb drive. One WD and one Seagate and I can’t remember the brand of the thumb drive. I’ve tried connecting each directly and also connecting through a powered hub in case it was an issue with powering the drive. Every drive lights up but I usually get a flashing light on the drive not a steady light. I’ve tried unplugging, rebooting, etc. with no change.

I followed the quick start instructions which just say to plug the drive, antenna and ethernet cable in then power up last. I can connect fine from the web interface, watch live TV on a Roku and Fire TV stick fine… just can’t record anything.

Is there anything special that has to be done to the drive (format wise) to get it to recognize the drive?

Any HD does have to be formatted for Tablo, but if Tablo detects a connected HD then it will prompt you to format it.

Not sure what your issue is, but not all HD’s are compatible with Tablo. WD & Seagate are two brands that many users find successful though (I use a Seagate). But not all models of these brands work. There is an old thread where users have verified certain HD’s. I suggest you look into that first.

Thanks rccolts… seems odd that all three fail to be recognized. When you say it will prompt when you connect a HD… where does this prompt occur? I can access it via the web interface. Is that where it will prompt? Is there a better sequence to follow? Like maybe get everything working with the network and antenna and then connect the HD? Also, I read somewhere that it can take several minutes for the HD to be recognized. I waited overnight and checked this morning but the thumb drive was still showing as not connected.

Unplug the power cord from the Tablo, connect the USB HDD to one of the USB ports on the Tablo, then plug back in the power cord to the Tablo. Give it 5 minutes, you should be able to see the HDD connected under Settings.

If it doesn’t, repeat the above steps using the other USB port on the Tablo.

I don’t believe you should have to do anything special for Tablo to prompt you to format a HD as long as it is detected besides perhaps rebooting.

I just found the old topic where users verified HD’s that are compatible. Check it out, it may have some helpful info for you.

Thanks rccolts! The drive I’m using is in the list of tested drives in the thread on here. It’s a 2 TB WD external drive WDBU6Y0020BBK-EESN.

I just did the unplug, plug in USB, power up, wait 5 and it still doesn’t show up under settings. I tried both USB ports. Is it time to use Amazon’s excellent return policy? I so wanted this to work… I tried a HDHomeRun but the picture stuttered constantly.

I don’t see how this could affect the HDD but I am not using WiFi, just ethernet. Thought I should mention that.

I have opened a ticket through their email support but so far all I got was an email that it was opened.

Do all the hard drives you’ve tried spool up and load up on a computer when plugged in to it?

Yes. Every one of them is recognized by my computer. I really think the USB connection on this one is hosed. What makes me shake my head is how something so basic could pass QA? Unless they didn’t even test it I see no way this should have shipped.

I am home from work so just for fun I thought I would try calling their support number. I’ve been in position three for 10 minutes… giving up on phone support. Clearly they don’t want you to call.

Just got an email reply from support asking me to plug in a smartphone or tablet into the USB port to see if it will charge the device. My guess is checking for adequate voltage from the USB port. One port charged my phone and one did not.

Will update when I hear back from support. In the meantime, I’m focusing on the port that charged the phone and trying different things with it like a powered hub.

Anybody know if using a powered hub is even supported or something people do with a Tablo?

There shouldn’t be a need for a powered USB hub. I do use a HDD which is externally powered though.

OK… it is working now. Here’s the sequence of events…

After checking the voltage/amperage output and finding that only one USB port charged my phone I only worked with it.

I unplugged the power from the Tablo, unplugged the USB cable from the Tablo, plugged in the USB to the Tablo making sure I pushed it in as far as possible, then plugged in the power to the Tablo. I waited a while… I think it was more than 5 minutes and accessed the Tablo from a Roku instead of the web interface on a PC and a browser. I got a prompt to format the HDD. Formatted it and everything seems to be working now. I have recorded something in “real time” and it looks great. Pause, rewind and FF are all working. I have something scheduled for later tonight to check that out. It may have been that I hadn’t been using the good port and also hadn’t waited long enough. Great tip to use your phone to check the port voltage/amperage from David at Tablo support. Thanks!!!

Will update as I check things out…

Thanks everybody!!!

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Glad to hear you have it working, but if one of your USB ports are bad I would definitely expect Tablo to replace your unit.

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I think this could be a great product but at the moment it needs a lot of work before they come out with anything new unless it will accept all hard drives . just purchased a new one 2 days ago same issue we should be able to plug any hard drive in and it should work no excuses

I’ve plugged into many random drives into multiple Tablos with no issues.

If there’s a one off drive which causes problems, c’est la vie.