New Guide Data for Buffalo and GTA

Need guide data for ABC Buffalo Sub Channel 7-2 LAFF and 7-3 ESCAPE.

Can these be provied/

Hi @John_Zanettos - If you haven’t placed a ticket with support already, please do so. We’ll get this sorted out with our provider.

In the meantime, trying a nearby postal or zip code may do the trick.

OK, will do!


FYI I also submitted a ticket for these new channels on 4/29.

Oh, OK Thanks @KyleR!

Still not there…

Indeed it is not. Maybe by @beastman’s birthday? Lol :slight_smile:

We had a meeting with the data provider this week. We’re hopeful things will be a bit speedier moving forward.


Just checked this morning, and they are up on my Guide! Tanks Tablo people! I was watching Fury last night. :smile:

I’ll need to check mine but doubt it. Later: I was correct…not yet.

I’m still not getting them. Used a different zip code and they’re there. One would think they’d just add it to all areas that currently receive data for 7-1. Maybe it’s a work in progress, but nonetheless it works.

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At least all zip codes with 40 miles of the station as a default?