New Gadget Coming

Don’t see much competition. Why have TV tuner but no recording capability ?

I have one and they do record channels. they do not record cable channels ie sling TV if you have it but they will record ota channels and channels from anything you have ported over to the Google live channels apk ie Pluto tv just saying

Well color me skeptical about the recording. It’s not mentioned anywhere on the Sling or AirTV sites directly, and I would think that would be a “big deal” feature to have listed.

Will see what shakes after a few folks review it, or the user guide is made available…

What it seems to me is it is another “per TV” streaming box, but somewhat customized around Sling while staying open to Android TV options (i.e.; not locked up like FireTV).

@Bernie_C … how does the Tablo app work on it, since this is the Tablo forum after all…?

I don’t know which airtv site your on but it does mention being able to record. As far as tablo it is a android tv box so loading the stable android apk and the preview APK work as they should. I also have the channels master stream 7200 very good android tv box but nothing beats the shield

Also looked at the quick start guides and there is no mention of adding storage, so not sure where the recording would be held. If I’m overlooking the recording capability in ‘features’ or ‘how it works’, or anywhere else on the site, I am totally overlooking it…

Not that I’m looking to argue, but I am always keeping my eyes out for the eventual replacement when my Tablo bites the dust. It is an electronic device, after all, and will not last forever. This AirTV does look interesting for the features it lists, but just not seeing the DVR component.

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The AirTV Player not the other model AirTV.

There are 2 USB ports on the back one is for the tuner module other is used for storage ie 128 gb thumb drive or 500 gb hard drive when plugged in a menu will appear and ask if drive is for storage or DVR and formats as required

The way I read it, this is not a new product but simply DVR software in Beta for the AirTV Player. It states it is free during the Beta test which insinuates that eventually there will be a subscription fee. Additionally, at the moment the DVR functionality is extremely limited.

This is basically the same thing as the Tablo Engine for Nvidia Shield except it only has one tuner verses 2 with Tablo Engine & the DVR functionality at the moment is far inferior to that of Tablo Engine.

I don’t think anyone ever implied that the AirTV Player DVR was better than tablo.

It’s hard to understand what your definition of a new product is. It would appear that under your definition the Tablo Engine wouldn’t have been a new product since the Nvidia Shield was an already existing product.

I suppose I took the topic heading (New Gadget Coming) to mean this was something new & different from anything else out there.

I merely pointed out that it is very similar to the Tablo Engine but not as sophisticated.

That is a old update the software is out of beta and there is NO charge for it. It basically hooks into Google live APK now if you have sling TV it is intergated in to the sling guide so you have one seamless guide

Well, it’s still a one tuner - one TV dedicated unit with a much less sophisticated DVR functionality.

Also, I could be wrong but I guessing it is not going to stay subscription free. I called them & ultimately found out that it uses Sling’s DVR & if you don’t have a Sling account then you login into Sling as a guest for the DVR access. I find it hard to believe that Sling is going to allow free guest access forever.

You misunderstood what i was saying yes if you use sling dvr it is 5 bucks a month and it is only for there cable channels but and this is important the ota side is supported by google live apk which has dvr guide and is FREE sling is not needed done and done

I called AirTV directly & that is not what I was told. I was told that if you aren’t a Sling customer that you login as a quest to use the DVR. Since you are actually using it, I suppose the phone rep I spoke to was simply confused & uniformed - certainly wouldn’t be the first time that has ever happened.

I actually called them to find out if the DVR functionality is also available on the 2-tuner model that streams OTA TV throughout your home over wifi. I was told that the DVR is only available with the single tuner model & that Sling’s DVR is used for recording the OTA signals.