NEW Firmware Release - 2.2.14


@TabloSupport I changed my antenna from a Mohu Leaf 30 to a Mohu Leaf 50 this past Sunday. It does seem, so far anyway, to be a bit better. I guess we’ll see if the problem is resolved. It is odd that I have never had a signal strength issue for primary channels since I have lived here, until about two weeks ago.


Wouldn’t this possibly have fixed it in this firmware update.

• Improvements to transcoding engine firmware


I still have not received the update. Currently on 2.2.13.


What kind of antenna are you using? Wondering how upgrade could affect tuner capability.


@jerryg1 I was using a Mohu Leaf 30. Last weekend I upgraded to Mohu Leaf 50 and it seems to have resolved my signal issue. This is a bit disconcerting, however, as I had absolutely no issues with channel signal strength for a year prior. After upgrading to 2.2.14 I suddenly had problems. Maybe a coincidence and there would have been problems without the upgrade, I don’t know. Anyway, so far so good after the antenna upgrade.


Its strange, and yet there have been similar complaints with the upgrade which does suggest a signal strength issue as in your case.
I’m going to pass on .14 til I hear further on this. Thanks.


I hear a lot of bad comment and a lot of “it’s working just fine”. How about improvements? Is anyone out there that performed the update seeing and enjoying the improvements made in the code?

My Tablo works, flaws and all now, on the current firmware level. I have issues with the current feature set, none of which are addressed in this firmware update. Add to that the risk of performing any update and the fact that some people are experiencing what could be categorized as signal reception issues after the update was done, I don’t see a compelling reason for me to upgrade. Thoughts?


Well mate, I’m on the 2.2.14 and don’t see any worse signal reception than before. I have some channels that were dodgy before (because I need a better antenna) and still are dodgy. One thing the wife noticed was that her shows did sometimes split into two recordings and she says hasn’t seen that for a while. I don’t know if that is just good luck with the reception or if that is one of the improvements.

Good luck, mate.


I was used to doing a weekly cold reboot of my frozen 4 channel Tablo located in the garage. Now the thing is rock solid ever since this firmware upgrade about a month ago. Thanks to the developers for whatever they did to their software. It might have been a memory leak, HD compatibility issue, or …? I’m just glad it’s working great now.


This thread contains more reports of problems as apposed to successes. Such is the nature of this forum.

After watching these posts for awhile, I decided to take the plunge and update my Table-Quad from 2.12 to the latest release 2.14.
The whole process took less than 4 minutes. That’s with a hard drive containing 1.75 GB of recordings.

I’m happy to report that my upgrade went very smoothly and so far I have not had any problems.
Hats off to the Tablo team for a smooth upgrade and a great product.


I realize you got it working but have you considered LTE interference?

Somewhere I commented that I have to re-align my antennas a couple times a year as seasons change and that for me at least, I was fairly certain it was just a coincidence that it aligned with this firmware this round.

Well, I finally got around to my seasonal adjustment last weekend and unfortunately it did not correct all of my issues. I still had ONE channel that was unwatchable…

I found a thread here about possible LTE interference and decided to try one of the recommended filters.

Problem solved!

Not sure if it helped enough to keep me from having to realign a few items a year but I am really optimistic about it.

I know the larger antenna fixed your issue but maybe something to consider, especially if it comes back later.

As a bonus, not only did the filter fix my one troubled station but I picked up two new ones!


I upgraded my Tablo four-tuner unit to a new 8GB USB 3.0 drive.

It seems to be working OK except for a few small problems. I have noticed some recordings start with “recording failed due to weak signal” but the recording does continue with a second data file just a few seconds later. I do not ever remember seeing that problem occur when using my older Seagate 5TB USB 3.0 drive.

I’m wondering if I have a weak tuner or if the USB drive is slow to start after a quiet recording period and the Tablo error message might be incorrect to describe the true problem.

I had high hopes for this drive since it is supposed to have a hard drive rated for 24/7 operation in server configurations, which should make it ideal for OTA recordings.


Had a WD 1.5g drive before, use to get a lot of broken recordings too, switched to a 5 gig Seagate drive few months ago, never happened since.


I do have an option to turn off the sleep mode on the drive, but would rather not do so in order to extend its service life.

Perhaps if it were possible the Tablo could “ping” the USB drive a minute before recording begins in order to wake it up if it is in idle spin-down mode at the time.


Leaving the sleep mode on when using WD drives has been a known problem for a while. Most people have their issues resolved when they connect the WD drive to their computer and turn it off.

At least give it a try for a week and see if your problem goes away.


Thanks for the advice, theuser86.

Actually I think I’ll run it the way it is for now and see how many problem incidents occur. It would help me if anyone knows of any references to the pluses and minuses of turning off the sleep mode. In particular how many years of life I would lose on the hard drive if it would spin continuously. Maybe some MTBF values for the WD Red drives.

If a slow hard drive startup does indeed cause problems then the Tablo error message should state so correctly and not give a misleading message, like “weak signal” if the signal was not really weak.

I really believe Tablo programmers can address this issue and write code to detect the hard drive status prior to writing a new recording and make certain the drive has time to spin up first.

BTW, a long time ago I accepted I could survive a total loss of recordings and start over with a new drive. This eliminates a lot of stress. That said, I still would like to max out the life of any new drive I install.


I may have found an answer to my question.

I still will monitor performance with default sleep settings but will probably eventually disable it.


The purple drives are probably better suited. They are designed for constant video capture.


The Red drives are for constant on. While the Purples are for constant access, read/write.

I can’t imagine what kind of puddle of molten silicon you would find inside a tablo case if it recorded 24 hours a day for 365 straight days.

And what is the MTBF of a tablo unit?


I had not considered 4G LTE interference. I guess anything is possible, and I believe there just might be a cell tower ~1 mile from my house. Strangely, almost all of my pixelation has diminished when I changed the recording quality down to the recommended “HD 720 - 5Mps” quality. I have a 65" Sony 4K TV so the decrease in quality is actually noticeable.

I will consider this, though. Maybe I could bump back up to “HD 1080 - 8Mps” if I were to install one of these filters?