NEW Firmware Release - 2.1.16 (old thread)

The auto delete is only when space is needed?

@mb190e - Yes. When your hard drive is nearing fullness, your Tablo will delete the oldest unprotected recordings so there’s space for the upcoming scheduled recordings. 

We’ll be adding a feature around ‘protect x# of recordings’ per series in the future.

Why after upgrade all my channels in settings show no bars?

@TabloTV thanks. And it was awesome seeing my picture in the email announcing the update.

@TabloTV thanks. And it was awesome seeing my picture in the email announcing the update.

You’re welcome! And you made a wonderful model :) 

@Jestep - Did you do a channel rescan?

@TabloTV, do I need to? I see this on both my Tablo’s

No, you shouldn’t have to. We’ll look into it and let you know.

How long should the resync take?  Mine’s been going for 45 minutes now…

Stuttering is still present in the Android phone running 4.4.4 version of KitKat.  

The Roku interface looks nice.  I like the updated channel icon and the new color scheme.  

Arrgh!   Can’t try any of it 'cause my Tablo is still resynching…  going on an hour now…

You may want to just disconnect, delete, and then re-add your Tablo, @Flatulator.  I had to do that to get my web app to work right.

Apparently just my luck to get my 4-tuner today.  It just says “Connecting” and nothing else happens…I really hope this is related to the new firmware release and not a problem with my new Tablo.

Finally!  It wouldn’t sync from a hard-wired Chrome connection, but no problems via iPhone and wi-fi.   Go figure.

Cool animation on the post-update synching of existing shows!!

I have the same missing bars for the signal strength on my channels after the update.  The channels work fine in live tv.  Forcing a rescan just sits there and does nothing for 2+ minutes so I exited the scan.

@byb I know this is completely unhelpful in your case but I had the same problem after the update.  Went back to Channel Lineup and did a re-scan and it worked perfectly.  Have you power cycled?

Is there a way to delete an entire season of a show in one fell swoop, or is this for a subsequent release?

Love the darker look and new icon for the Roku.  This is much easier on the eyes.  Also the new resume feature is great tested it on a few shows on the Roku and everything is working.  

I still have the issue on the Roku were when you skip back while watching Live TV the progress meter shows up about 1/3 of the way and doesn’t do anything until you move it forward a few times and press OK.  Also the closed captions still show up when skipping back.

Love the progress!

Love my Tablo!  Keep the updates coming, this thing is awesome.

For those that are having to wait for a sync, try this it work for me.

1. Using a web browser go to your settings within Tablo
2. Scroll down past the channel signals and see “Guide Update” - most likely is out of date
3. Click that “Update Now” button - cool thing gives a percentage so you know something is working
4. Once done, go back to prime tv or whatever you want it should respond quickly now.

@brikim the closed captioning coming on when hitting the left arrow is by design with Roku. You can change this by going into Settings / Captions / Captions Mode and turn it off, by default it is set to Instant Replay. You can always turn them on later if you want with the * button