NEW Firmware Release (2.1.10)

A new firmware release is available for Tablo. Your iOS, Android and web-based apps should notify you of its availability and prompt you to install it. Our Roku app will provide a prompt, but you’ll have to visit one of the other apps to initialize the update.  

This release contains:

  • An update for the Roku app which increases speed and performance
  • Do not reset your Tablo during the update process - this can cause faults on your hard drive.
  • When it is powered on, your Tablo checks every 4 hours to see if an update is available. To obtain the update immediately, check to make sure your Tablo is not recording and press the reset button once. This will cause the Tablo reset and check for a software update within 5 minutes.
  • If you initialize a firmware update during a recording, this will cause your recording to fail. You can choose to delay the firmware update, but please try to keep your Tablo as up-to-date as possible to enjoy an optimal experience.
BONUS - Web App Update
We have also optimized our web-based app to make it speedier. Just hit refresh on your browser to get the latest build. Links to our web-based app, Android app, iPad app and our Roku channel are all available at

MUCH better!m thank you!

It took only about 15 sec for me to load a live channel on the Roku.  It was taking at least twice that before.

This update is only for the Roku app?



Holy speed improvements on the ROKU!  WOW!!

Glad you guys are loving the update! 

much better, went from a 45 sec load time for TV Shows to 25 sec, that’s a big improvement. I hope you guys are always looking to speed up the interface. I think it will always be a welcomed improvement. Thanks so much.

Is there an update to the Roku App itself or just the firmware to the Tablo unit?

My Roku app shows Version 1, Build 6.  (Roku may have updated while I’ve been gone over the weekend)

Yes, there’s an update to the Roku app as well. Build 6 is the latest. 

Full screen in tablo app no longer goes full screen? I should have to see the date/time junk on the status bar, is this a change in 2.10?

@grazman - Which app are you seeing this on? I just checked web-based and iOS and didn’t see that behaviour in either… 

I am sorry but how do I make sure I have the latest update for tablo on all 3 of my roku devices?

Your Roku will update automatically within 24 hours of the new build being released. 

I am not sure I have a noticed an improvement with Roku.  What should I have noticed after the update last Friday?

When you hit Live TV, the channel lineup with whats currently playing.  Used to take about 30-45 seconds.  Loads in about 5 now.

Ok, I will check that out tonight.  Is Tablo/Roku working on an app that will have a guide similar to what we get on Ipad? 

@wkufan92 - Having a grid type guide is something we’d like to do in the future but requires a lot of programming because that’s not something offered in the ‘standard’ Roku channel interface. 

We’re hoping to ramp up our development speed with the addition of some new hires. Stay tuned!

I meant to post sooner, but ever since the firmware update I’ve been having issues watching live TV. Recordings are working fine so I don’t think it’s the HD. The issue is seen on 2 different models of Roku (2 and 3), a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Chrome browser on both Windows 8 and OSX.  When trying to watch a live stream, I get the error (Roku) ‘Failed to Stream Video, an unknown error occurred’.  If I reboot the Tablo, everything works fine for about a day.  Then in the morning, same problem.  Again, recordings work great still. Problem first started and seen about a day after the update.