New firmware, old problem back

It appears that 2.2.20 brought back the db maintenance\network drop issue from several versions ago. Each day, my Tablo starts flashing slow and drops its IP address since I updated. And, every day I have to unplug the Tablo, delete the static IP set in my router, reboot router, wait ten minutes and plug Tablo back in, and then setup static IP address again. While this is a tedious procedure, it has worked for several days until today! Now, no matter how long I leave Tablo unpluged, it still comes back up flashing. Before I submit a ticket with @TabloSupport, I wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing a similar issue.

We haven’t received any similar reports or come across this in our testing. Do you by chance have MAC filtering enabled in your router? Did you set up a static IP, or DHCP reservation?

If it’s a reservation, make sure it’s set to the appropriate MAC (as they will change depending on if you’re using a wireless or wired connection.

MAC filtering is not enabled. I have a static IP lease set in the router for the wired NIC MAC.

I’ve noticed the lease expires due to lack of polling from the Tablo even if I’ve accessed the unit within the set lease time. I guess I could increase the lease time to decrease the number of times I have unplug, reboot, etc.

It would be nice to have an option in the settings to manually set the IP and to have the Tablo poll.