New features

Along with the screen previews when fast-forwarding…
-On Web app, display network vice callsign of the station when viewing the Live TV menu. iPad does this and I like this better - or at least make it a selectable feature so you can view station callsign or network (ABC,CBS,Fox, etc.)
-On Scheduled, make a different color tag on the shows so you know whether you have recordings set up for each show or ‘all episodes’
-On Live TV, display more than 24 hours out.
-On Recordings, display hard drive usage so you know when it’s getting close to time to start purging. Something as simple as xx% full would be sufficient.

To make this a little easier to see what’s been suggested, perhaps make a list for a ‘feature wish list’ on the discussion page so you don’t have to scroll through all the entries and end up with multiple suggestions for the same thing. Put some sort of voting buttons on the list so you could concur with the more useful features and help prioritize the ones that folks want most. Could even have the list reshuffle the priority so it’s in order of votes - at the very least, display a number of votes each has so you can tell which are the hottest. If it’s a feature that Tablo is working on or planning to incorporate, you could indicate this so folks get a good idea of your development roadmap (if you don’t mind putting that out). Would probably also have to have another list of features that are technically impossible so folks know what some of the limitations are as well.

Thanks for a great product… loving my 4 tuner.

Glad you’re loving your Tablo @TechNerd

We’re looking in to a more efficient feature voting system. One of the ones another user suggested is quite expensive so we’re still on the hunt. 

Thanks for your suggestions though. FYI - We do show hard drive usage on the settings screen right now!