New failure mode of 2.2.2

Trying to watch Monday Night Football, not live, but recording is still in progress. Tried to catch up, so I could switch to antenna and watch live without Tablo, and got a new failure mode. After fast forwarding a bit, then Play, it would buffer for quite a while, but when play resumed it would play about six seconds, then jump back the six seconds over again, and would do this over and over as many as five times. Same six seconds, five times.

Playback on what device? I assume Roku?

How are you recording MNF? Isn’t that on ESPN?

Played via Roku. MFN is ESPN, but the Niners are the local team, so local channel also carried it. Interesting: not local sports casters, it was the ESPN feed through the local network channel. I don’t remember what network it is affiliated with, and since it didn’t record I can’t go look.

Duh on me; it did record, that’s why I was having the problem. It recorded on San Francisco KPIX, Channel 5, a CBS affiliate.

And if you don’t get ESPN, you’re missing football, but nothing else; I thought the announcing crew was dreadful. Nothing like Howard and Dandy Don, or most of the Sunday guys.

This issue is very repeatable on a Roku 2 and two Roku 3; one wired, two wifi. Any time starting, or after fast forward or forward jump, it repeats the same five seconds four times, then plays. I have tried freezing just before the jump back, then release; no change. Add this to the “Loading, please wait”, and all I can use the Tablo for is testing. So I rip some using the downloader utility, then watch using Plex, with perfect performance. But that’s no solution for evening news or my wife’s daily Today Show fix. I’m out of excuses with her; really, really would like a path back to the previous rev.

Under Settings in the Chrome browser at, do you have “Fast Live TV Startup” checked?

If yes, please uncheck it (aka disable it). This has fixed the repeating segment issue for many.

I seem to be the worst case scenario. No, that was never checked.

Well that option comes checked by default I believe so you have to uncheck it.

As well, the option is not available from all UIs. Only on some devices.

I unchecked it a few months ago when it was first introduced.