New Devices won't sync

I have three devices a Sony Xperia Z3 (Android 5.1.1), Sony Xperia Z2 tablet (Android 5.1.1) and PC running windows 10 using chrome browser. All three were working fine at one point. I decided to reset the tablet back to factory reset because of storage issues. When it came back up I added the Tablo app and it will not sync. I get one channel with guide information and I see no recordings. I went to my PC and same thing. I went to my Cell phone and the guide is up to date and I see all my recordings. I can’t say for sure when the PC stopped working or if the tablet was having problems prior to the reset. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the android app with restarting the device before and after removing it. I have cleared my cache and cookies on the chrome browser. I have disconnected checked the red x and reconnect. I have forced a guide update, restarted the table. I have tried almost everything I have seen online. I use a Western Digital My passport Ultra 2TB and the firmware is up to date. I was thinking it was the hard drive but the Xperia Z3 works fine. Lastly, I can watch watch live on all devices I just do not have a guide or see my recordings on the tablet and the browser. Any help would be appreciated.

I had some similar issues about a month ago. Ultimately, I did the old “recycle power on one thing at a time over two minute intervals” and it worked. You didn’t mention a router restart. Could even be the routing table. I don’t normally like doing it this way - because I like to think I’m smarter than my devices - but it ultimately solved the problem for me and has not recurred. I’ve seen Tablo Support give similar advice.

If it were me, I’d power everything off… router, access points, tablets, PC, etc. Then turn the router on and wait a couple minutes, then the access points (if you have them), then one device at a time and see if the profile changes.

Good Luck.

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Thanks, Adam. I powered off all devices and waited 5 minutes, I brought up the router first, tablo second and devices last. It did not help. It does move the time along the guide but only one channel populates with information and no recorded shows are displayed. So weird that one device works and I can watch live TV and all devices. I can even watch recorded shows on the working device.

You might want to call support. The only other thing I can think of is if your Tablo and two of the devices are on different subnets. Most commonly, this would be you have your tablo plugged directly into your router, but have a separate wireless router also plugged in. This can wreak havoc. If this is you, you can put your wireless router into access point mode and make your DHCP (address assignment) is handled by the router.

I had my network setup like this intentionally from days gone by where I had a content filter on the wireless network - I had a few devices that worked fine, except for the Tablo.

That’s all I can think of though - good luck!!!

Thanks, again. I will call support. I do only have on router and the wired and wireless are all on the same subnet. I will update when I finally figure it out.

Support was able to fix the problem by running clean up scripts on the device. Once they were do I had to disconnect and click the red x and re-sync.