New Cord Cutter - Order To Install Equipment

Well, I cut the cord and jumped into this with both feet!  I have ordered the following:

HD Antenna - RCA ANT751
Channel Master CM3418 8 port distribution amplifier
Tablo 4 tuner box
1TB WD external hard drive (WDBUZG0010BBK-NESN - from the approved list)
Roku 3 (with an 8GB SD card, thought it might be useful)
Chromecast (1)

I intend to split the antenna signal to four TV’s, plus the Tablo box, so I thought the 8 port distribution amplifier might be helpful.

So my question is this:  What is the order for hooking up the Tablo box and the Roku 3?  Do you get the Tablo running first (perhaps wirelessly to the Chromecast) and then later come back and add the Roku 3 (which will be hard wired).

What is the best way to proceed when you are looking at a stack of sealed boxes?  Any advice would be appreciated.


You will need to setup the Tablo using one of the tablet, smartphone, or web apps. Once you have all your channels and everything setup you can open the Tablo Channel on the Roku and it should find your Tablo and connect to it (If they are on the same network).

For the Roku you will need to go here to get the Tablo Channel. It is not in the Roku Channel store because it is currently a private channel. If you need help with the Roku let us know.

Chromecast is simple but differrent than Roku as there’s no remote. You simply “cast” to it. Install the Chromecast app on the PC or phone, Plug the Chromecast device into the TV, use a PC with Chrome browser or a phone and connect to it via Wi-Fi and it’s a 30 second setup. 

Tablo - unbox it, connect the TV antenna cable to it, connect the hard drive, If you are going to wire it to the network using an Ethernet cable do that, if you will use Wi-Fi do NOT plug the Ethernet cable into the Tablo as that disables the Wi-Fi part. READ THE QUICK START GUIDE!  It’s good, it’s simple, it’s quick.
LAST connect power, make sure that’s the last thing. 
If you can wire it to Ethernet it’s more reliable and a bit more trouble free (that’s sort of redundant, isn’t it?) Wi-Fi works but it needs to be a fast Wi-Fi and solid. If it has to go through walls and floors or much distance it’s not as reliable. but then that’s Wi-Fi in general. 
You can control the Tablo using almost any computing device, exactly how, the details vary a little bit with he device you use. Each method of getting the show to the TV has pros and cons, each has its own little quirks and each has its advantages.

Just an fyi,  that particular WD-Elements 1tb drive may benefit from a firmware update.  On a side note, after reading today’s Woot>Electronics comments , I am quite thankful I went with Tablo.