New competitor on Kickstarter

This is called the WatchAir. I watched the videos on it, and there are some interesting strengths and weaknesses of it compared to the Tablo.


  1. Smaller device (designed to be installed on a window or wall) with built in powered antenna (or use your own).
  2. Tuning appears to be instant.
  3. Text notifications of recordings about to happen.
  4. No subscription fee (and you still get a guide similar to Tablo)
  5. Connects now or in the future to all the same clients the Tablo does.
  6. More flexible storage options (SD card, USB stick, and USB hard drive)
  7. Remote access like Tablo Connect
  8. Antenna placement app to find a good spot


  1. Single tuner
  2. Wi-fi only
  3. Computers and game consoles not supported till March 2017
  4. Not available in Canada (for now)

The retail price looks like it will be $250, though since it is a Kickstarter, the early bird deals are $189.

It looks interesting, though the single tuner is a big limitation (a dual-tuner is planned in the future).

WiFi only creates lots of issues too.

As well there is nothing magical about their “smart antenna.” The laws of physics can’t be abrogated so people will always have reception issues given small antennas. There is no such thing as a “smart antenna” - this is a marketing ploy!

Efficiency Equation:

Wifi + SmallAntenna = Issues

Fancy apps don’t get around that… At their forums expect to see the same problems encountered and discussed here.


Thinking that sticking a tuner and wifi module under an antenna makes it a “smart antenna” is tom-foolery. I’ll bet if you take their antenna apart it’ll be nothing more than another flatwave antenna. Doubt if there will be anything significantly different in that antenna in terms of physics and electronics. If it was so smart and that good why the need to stick it in a window? Or why offer the option to replace it with your own?

$190-250 for that thing, r u kiddin me?

No subscription? They won’t survive on unit sales. They’ll be back WITH subscription when their initial funds run out.

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Kickstarter campaigns are always over-optimistic about their product and project. Then when they have to deliver, execute and perform…:open_mouth:

So true mate. I stopped chucking my hard earned dosh away on the kickstarter. I received less than half the kit I bought – actually chuffed to bits I missed the deadline on the CST-01 watch… CST-01 Watch Officially Dead: Company Files For Bankruptcy - SlashGear

It is not a competitor for Tablo until they go to multiple tuners. Also, how is the recording done? I can’t find any info on how this is accomplished, & obviously can only record one show at a time.

At this time it is more a competitor for the single tuner boxes like Homeworx - only much more expensive.

My guess is that the actual device will be much less than what was promised.

Ain’t that the truth. I am still waiting on delivery of a product that was supposed to deliver in August of last year :confused:

Amen to this. Waited for a Lockitron for over a year before giving up.

Just wondering if lots of people have had problems using wifi instead of wired. My initial plan was to use wired but since the area of my home where i get the best antenna reception isn’t ethernet reachable I had to go wifi. Haven’t had one problem with connectivity yet.

One of the problems with a Kickstarter campaign is accountability. There is no assurance of an accountable structure to a Kickstarter’s beneficiary of funds. To whom is the Kickstarted campaign responsible? Are they required to submit status reports and show progress?

I am only wifi on Tablo and I don’t have any real issues, but I also cover my house in signal :wink:

I also just added a couple Ubiquiti Pro AC access points at work. And even though they feel kind of cheap boy they cover a big area.

Single tuner makes it a non-starter in my book, and oh, how I remember the days of my SimpleTV…and all the promises of what it would become and the complete piece of trash that it was.

If you watched the video…did you notice that the only media player they show (on various TV tables) is the Nexus Player!
Just thought it funny as it is probably the most obscure (and no longer produced/sold) of the current generation of players. I should know, as I have three of them!! And the UI they demo looks very much like an Android TV implementation.

Given how much time and energy Tablo has put into their product to get it where it is today, I’d be very leery about plonking done any money on a Kickstarter vaporware product - and I’d run from any DVR product with one tuner.

I’m also wondering why they’re even doing this? It doesn’t appear that they’re offering anything different and there are companies in this space with a head start on them of several years. The “smart antenna” approach is nothing but a ruse anyway - are they hoping to sucker people in using this phrase?

In any case, were I an apartment dweller in a city, I would prefer the coming Tablo Metro approach with multiple antennas embedded in the box for an omnidirectional orientation rather than doing the window sticking thing.

If they were smart, they’d make their window sticking antenna make the window look like a stained glass cathedral. Perhaps offer angelic scenes, or an art deco motif…

Well, they are offering holiday themed “wraps”…so your idea isn’t that far off!!

Hey offer sports themed wraps. One for the Atlanta Falcons, another for the Dallas Cowpokes, etc.

Still waiting on a folding bluetooth keyboard. They offered refund or new product. I took the refund.

I bet the antenna will not be designed for both VHF and UHF.

Now this is a nice VHF window antenna (right size):

He has the right idea. One way to disguise it would be to run the loop along the window frame. Loop has to be about 66" for a fullwave VHF antenna.