New Channel 17-5 not in the channel guide data

Hello Tablo support,

not sure where this goes so apologies if the wrong location.

I was surprised about a month ago (maybe longer or a little less, but close enough) when an OTA scan found a new channel in my area - 17-5 ThisTV (zip code 92117). Any chance you can look into it and add it to the channel guide? Right now it just has nothing down though the Tablo does find the station and pulls it in.

thanks in advance,


I opened a ticket 2-4 weeks ago for this channel in San Diego for my zip code.

It’s in titantv so I hope when gracenotes adds it my hdhomerun will also get the fix.

We sent this over to our guide data provider to get this added for your zip. For future reference, feel free to send over any reports of missing guide data directly to our support team.

nice and I see Tablo Support also sent it over - thanks good info to have.

thank you appreciate it.