New cable modem

Decided to update my Zoom 5341J cable modem with Arris SB6190. It is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. While my speedtest is ok early morning, it isn’t around 6 PM. More bonded channels in new modem should make a difference.

It could be that your provider is capacity limited as well, so that as more users come on line during the day, some congestion is experienced which lower your throughput. It’ll be interesting to hear your test results when the new modem comes in.

Check out the Arris forum on - a number of users have reported problems with the SB6190.

I have an SB6190 and it has been performing flawlessly, but many of the forum have returned their SB6190 for a Netgear CM600 (24x8) which seems like the favorite high end modem on those forums.

Really your options are SB6183 (16 downstream), Netgear CM600 (24 downstream) and SB6190 (32 downstream). CM600 24x8 is probably plenty until DOCSIS 3.1 modems start to appear.

I’ve seen my speed drop significantly during peak hours (prime time).

I have Time Warner, and am in a Google Fiber city, so by magic our options are better. Strange what compatetion will do. Still waiting for Google Fiber to be available at my address.

First I will test speed the way it is during prime time. Then switch cable modems. And finally speed test again.

The new cable modem arrived and it is FAST when the computer is connected directly to it. My TP Link Archer C7 on the other hand slows everything down. I only used cat-5 to connect it to the cablemodem. From research tonight, I have cat-6 on order and will change it when it arrives.

Also I now want a laptop that supports wireless AC, but will wait for Black Friday / Cyper Monday sales. I live in Austin, TX and it DID BOND 24 channels!

Not router…my phone and Nexus table both support wireless AC and are fast. Laptop doesn’t. Roku 4 does too.

Even SB6183 does not support the 24 channels Austin, TX has…it only supports 16.

Austin, TX has 24 downstreams, and so far my SB5190 is flawless.

SB6190, but who’s counting?
Okay, I’m a little jealous.
Just a little.

24 down instead of 8. Bigger pipe. I also paid additional $10 to get 100 Mbps down an 10 up.

Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. What’s your speed?