New ATSC 3.0 markets 2019


We have one station locally that will begin broadcasting ATSC3.0 this year. That starts their 5 year clock for shutting down their current protocol.


You can always go to the FCC site and review their application for ATSC 3.0 transmission. It maybe a pilot application or a permanent application. It also includes various other characteristics.


How do we find the actual stations in each market that are going to start ATSC 3.0?

Every article I find just lists the markets not the stations.

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ATSC 1.0 stations primary channel are being lighthoused onto a shared channel. Thus you need two stations to tango. So no one is going to reveal which channels or when until all business relationships are finalized. And I’m sure there is a plan for translators.

But you might be able to guess. If you have Sinclair channels in your area.

Or your channels are members of the Pearl group. And probably Fox owned stations. PBS has it’s own group that are trying to decide what to do.

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I don’t believe they are being forced to stop the 1.0 simulcast at that deadline so they will likely keep 1.0 around as long as there is a big enough user base to make it profitable.

These are early days.


ATSC 3.0 allows for additional sub-channels, targeted advertising, B-to-B applications, etc. ATSC 1.0 channels will be lighthoused. Two of more stations frozen in time on specific channels.

The FCC didn’t mandate the 5-year rule because it thought stations wanted to extend broadcasting ATSC 1.0 past 5 years.

Tablo isn’t going to reveal any ATSC 3.0 business planing. But they are probably dependent on functionality provided by the Xcode processor and Pixelworks isn’t talking


There is finally a reasonably priced dongle for the general public that wants to watch ATSC 3.0 and happen to be in one of the test markets. $69


Isn’t ATSC 3.0 h.265? Could this device be downscaling?

  • Video Format – MPEG-2 Main Profile &/H.264 Main Levelstrong text
  • Audio Format – MPEG-2 Audio Layer I & II
  • Dimensions – 76.4 x 20.7 x 13.8 mm
  • Weight – 130 gramsThere’s no support for H.265 here, so I’m not sure whether it’s a mistake from the specifications, or the USB TV tuner may not actually be able to catch 4K UHD channels.

The System Discovery and Signaling standard for ATSC 3.0 is patented by a Sinclair owned subsidiary. It is the only bootstrap method, required for the system to work, approved by the FCC. Any broadcaster wanting to move to ATSC 3.0 will be required to pay whatever licensing fee demanded by Sinclair. This is no benefit for the end consumer, and a huge benefit for Sinclair.


I HATE Sinclair! I don’t use that word often but they are a horrible company IMHO. I didn’t know anything about this patent but I’m horrified. It’s not that they are a large company but rather the influence they use regarding their “local” news casts. They force “local” news casters to spew their opinions. Local new should remain local!


ATSC is full of various patents.


True but most of the patents aren’t held by a subsidiary of Sinclair.


Who holds the patent is irrelevant to people not standing on a soapbox.